Super Mario Odyssey Ruined Kingdom Power Moon Locations Guide

In this Super Mario Odyssey Ruined Kingdom Power Moon Locations Guide, we will guide you on the locations of all the Power Moons located in the Ruined Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey.

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Super Mario Odyssey Ruined Kingdom Power Moon

When you land in a kingdom, you will need to refuel and upgrade Odyssey. Every kingdom will have a specific requirement of Power Moons that you will need to collect before you can advance to the next Kingdom.

You will get Power Moons from completing objectives, beating bosses and in secret areas throughout the kingdoms.

You can collect the required number of Power Moons, advance to the next kingdom and then return later when the story ends to collect the remaining Power Moons as some can only be accessed once the story has ended.

The following is a list of all the Power Moons you can find in the Ruined Kingdom:

Power Moon Location #1
You will earn your first 3 Power Moons when you defeat the boss of this kingdom. This is story related and it cannot be missed.

Power Moon Location #2
This is located close to Odyssey’s docking place. Climb the stairs while staying on the left side. You will notice that one of the steps has a small hidden path entrance located on the left side. Cross the following tricky area using shimmy and open the chest to find a Power Moon.

Power Moon Location #3 and #4
The Roulette Tower has two Power Moons. One of them is located on the top so all you need to do is simply climb to the top overcoming different obstacles along the way. Once you reach the top, you will earn a Power Moon.

Another Power Moon is located on the way to the top. When you find the chamber filled with 8-bit Koopa Troopas, find one located on the top left side of the screen.

It will be a red-shelled turtle, kick it to the left side and it will move forward breaking many bricks along the way. It will reveal an area previously hidden. Continue in and solve the P-Switch puzzle to get to the Power Moon.

Power Moon Location #5
When you are visiting the kingdom, looking for Princess Peach after the main story ends; she will give you a Power Moon.

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Power Moon Location #6
This is located in one of the Dragon’s horns. Return to the Dragon and climb up to the horns.

Use Cappy on the right horn to pull out the Power Moon.

Power Moon Location #7
You can get this one once the Moon Rock opens. Head up the stairs near Odyssey and find the broken pillar and arch located on your right side.

Climb it and use your ground pound ability on the glowing area to get the Power Moon.

Power Moon Location #8
In the Dragon’s arena, you need to grab a glowing rock and then jump on the dragon’s head to jump higher. Here you need to check different rocks in the area until you find the one glowing. Break it down and collect the Power Moon.

Power Moon Location #9 and 10
When near Odyssey, open the Moon Rock to find a pipe emerge next to the ship. Enter the pipe and start taking out the Chinchos in there.

Possess a Chargin’ Chuck here and use it to break the cage located up the ramp leading to the top deck. Break the cage and grab the Power Moon.

Now possess another Chargin’ Chuck and head to the entrance and smash the block under it. Collect the coins, get to the second floor, kill the glowing Chincho and collect your Power Moon.

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