Super Mario Odyssey Rated By ESRB

The Electronic Software Rating Board (ESRB) recently rated the upcoming Mario game ‘ Super Mario Odyssey ‘  as playable for kids 10 and above.

Since 1996, The sandbox 3D style of Super Mario game from N64 to the Nintendo Gamecube Super Mario Sunshine in 2002 have been loved because of its fun puzzles, challenging array of levels, and a linear yet fun story.

In June , The Australian rating board, gave this game a 15 and above rating explaining that the game has mild violence and online interaction.

The ESRB rating means that the game’s content is generally suitable for ages 10 and up. May contain cartoon fantasy or mild violence, mild suggestive themes, and comic mischief.

But parents do not worry, as Mario is still going to be a kids game since the “violence” not at all means that Mario will start bloodying people. It will still be the same Mario game that we all love to play and enjoy, since the inception of Super Mario titles, and ESRB usually releases a more detailed briefing before a game is released.

Nintendo showed the first Super Mario Odyssey gameplay at E3 2017 and it received widespread acclaim and was voted as the most popular game on social media. It was also considered as the Best Game of E3 2017. The game will run at 60FPS on Nintendo Switch and is set to release on End of October 2017.

According to Nintendo, the title will also feature local co-op that will allow you to play as Mario’s hat. Multiplayer mode is also being worked on but may not be a part of the game at launch.

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Contributor at SegmentNext.