Super Mario Odyssey Rango Boss Guide

In this Super Mario Odyssey Rango Boss Guide, we will guide you on how you can defeat Rango in Super Mario Odyssey. We will arm you with knowledge of Rango’s weaknesses, and the best ways to deal with and defeat Rango in Odyssey.

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Super Mario Odyssey Rango Boss

You will face off against Rango three times during the story:

  • In Lake Kingdom
  • In Snow Kingdom
  • In Dark Side

Rango is a relatively easy boss and this is your first battle with him. You will meet him again later in the game. Rango is part of the rabbits who are planning for the Bowser’s and Princess Peach’s wedding called Broodals. He will be your third boss of the game.

Rango looks average and not too dangerous but you should look out for his hat, which he uses extensively during the battle.

In the Lake Kingdom, you will come across Rango when you reach Water Plaza Terrace. Since he is the bouncer of the group, it justifies his tall height and flashy clothing.

When the boss battle starts, Rango will throw his attack at you and you will be required to use Cappy to flip it upside down so that you can jump on it.

Once you are on the hat, you will bounce off and then you will be presented with an opportunity to hit Rango’s exposed head. Land on his head to strike your first hit.

As soon as you strike his head, some coins will drop around the boss and he will be stunned for a brief time. Collect the coins quickly before he is back in action.

This time he will start chasing after you so your best bet is to keep running and trying to maintain a safe distance from the boss.

Rango will soon tire out and will stop chasing you. After this, the boss will repeat his initial attacks on you.

Make sure you keep flipping and dodging his hat while landing attacks on his attack. Keep repeating until Rango is down for good.


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