Super Mario Odyssey Peach Locations Guide

In this Super Mario Odyssey Peach Locations Guide, we will guide you on where you can find Princess Peach in the game world after the main story has been completed in Super Mario Odyssey.

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Super Mario Odyssey Peach Locations

Your ultimate goal in Super Mario Odyssey is to rescue Princess Peach from the evil clutches of Bowser. However, once she has been rescued and the main campaign is over there is not much left to do with her.

However, Princess Peach’s adventures are far from over. You can still find her in all kingdoms and we have listed the locations below for your convenience. Once you find her, you can interact with her for a short conversation.

Cap Kingdom
In the Cap Kingdom, head to the Crazy Cap store and you will find Princess Peach standing on a platform on its right side.

Cascade Kingdom
In the Cascade Kingdom, head to the Cascade Castle. Once inside, if you go to the Fossil Falls Heights warp flag, you will find Princess Peach standing on its left side near the ledge overlooking the waterfall.

Sand Kingdom
In the Sand Kingdom, head to the Inverted Kingdom. You need to climb to the top of the pyramid. To reach the top, simply warp to the Tostarena Ruins Round Tower Flag and use the electrical wire located close to the flag. You will find Princess Peach at the top.

Wooded Kingdom
In the Wooded Kingdom, warp to the Secret Flower Field Entrance Flag. Once there, turn around and head towards the opposite end of the field. There you will see a kettle robot. Climb the platforms located here and get to the observation deck. You will find Princess Peach inside.

Lake Kingdom
In the Lake Kingdom, head to the arena where you fought Broodal boss. It is located at the top of the plaza. There you will find Princess Peach.

Cloud Kingdom
In the Cloud Kingdom, head to the main area of the Cloud Kingdom. Once there, you can see Princess Peach on the far side of the area.

Lost Kingdom
In the Lost Kingdom, warp to the Rocky Mountain Summit Flag and go to Crazy Cap Shop. You will find Princess Peach right next to it.

Metro Kingdom
In the Metro Kingdom, warp to Rooftop Garden Flag and then climb the roof using wires or poles located near you. Continue your climb and you will eventually find Princess Peach at the top.

Snow Kingdom
In the Snow Kingdom, warp to Above the Ice Wall Flag and descend the hill. On your descent, you will find Princess Peach on the left side just before you reach the steps.

Seaside Kingdom
In the Seaside Kingdom, head to the huge fountain. Launch yourself up using one of the four water jets to find Princess Peach standing on the top center of the fountain.

Luncheon Kingdom
In the Luncheon Kingdom, head to the food-stuffed Kingdom. Arrive at the Peronza Plaza Flag and continue ahead. You will spot Princess Peach near a pillar to your right side.

Ruined Kingdom
In the ruined Kingdom, you will find Princess Peach standing next to the dragon. You can use the main electrical wire to reach the dragon.

Bowser’s Kingdom
In Bowser’s Kingdom, head to the Crazy Cap Store to find Princess Peach near her on the left side close to a sitting area.

Moon Kingdom
In the Moon Kingdom, head to the backside of the church located right at the Ever After Hill. Grab a frog to reach Princess Peach in the bell tower.

Mushroom Kingdom
In the Mushroom Kingdom, interact with the toad located at the entrance to get an update on Princess Peach. You will get a quick hint about her location at this point.

Next, head to the left side to possess the scarecrow there. Create steps using it to the roof, climb up and then drop down to reach Princess Peach on the balcony below.

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