Super Mario Odyssey Pauline’s Quiz Guide

In this Super Mario Odyssey Pauline’s Quiz Guide, we will guide you on how to solve Pauline’s Quiz in Super Mario Odyssey. We have also mentioned at the end of our Pauline’s Quiz Guide the location of her present.

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Super Mario Odyssey Pauline’s Quiz

Pauline’s Quiz is a little tricky to solve as all questions related to her but with the help of our Pauline’s Quiz Guide, you will easily answer all her questions easily.

How to Solve Pauline’s Quiz

You will find Pauline in New Donk City roaming around in the city. Unlike other quest givers, she will not task you with anything physical. Rather she will ask you some questions that are all about her, which makes the quiz a little bit trickier.

In addition, answering the correct questions is not enough, once you have passed her quiz, she will also ask you to find her a fitting present.

You cannot just find any other present for her. Her special present sits on a platform near the Heliport Flag. Once you have arrived at the Heliport Flag, head to the iron girders and drop down to a platform.

At the end of this platform, you will find a pink handbag, which is surrounded by some coins.

Collect everything and return to Pauline to finish your quest. She will reward you with a moon. For the correct answers to the quiz, you can check below.

The following are some questions that Pauline will ask you during the quiz. Keep in mind that the questions asked will be random for everyone and it is not necessary that she will ask you all of the questions.

Question #1: What do you think my Hobby is?
Answer it with ‘Going on Walks’.

Question #2: Which of these Things did I Actually do a Long Time Ago?
Answer it with ‘Captured by Ape’.

Question #3: How am I Doing as Mayor?
Answer it with ‘Fantastic!’

Question #4: What is my Most Treasured Possession?
Answer it with ‘A Hat’.

Question #5: What am I Bad with?
Answer it with ‘Fixing Machines’.

Question #6: What Kind of Music do I like?
Answer it with ‘Peppy Music’.

Question #7: What do I just Adore?
Answer it with Cake.

These as all the questions that we are aware of now. If we have missed any, do let us know in the comments below.

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