Super Mario Odyssey Mecha Wiggler Boss Guide

When you fight this giant robot worm in the Metro Kingdom, you will find out that it is very difficult to fight it and beat it because of its varied play style and general strength. This Super Mario Odyssey Mecha Wiggler Boss Guide will give you numerous tips and tricks which you can use to easily clear this stage and move on in your playthrough of the game.

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Super Mario Odyssey Mecha Wiggler Boss

You’ll fight Megawiggler twice during your playthrough of the game. First, in the Metro Kingdom when playing ‘The Scourge on the Skyscraper’ and then in the Mushroom Kingdom when you play the ‘Mushroom Kingdom Power Moon 35 0 Dust-Up in New Donk City: Rematch’ mission.

Metro Kingdom Fight

Your fight with Mechawiggler will start once you manage to get to the top of New Donk City Hall. You have to make sure that you avoid all of the yellow electric balls that the boss will throw at you.

Try to capture a Sherm around the area. You can use the Sherm to shoot at all of the weak points of Mechawiggler. There will be two Sherms but you only need one so you can just eliminate the other one.

Focus on the bug and dodge the projectiles it launches at you. Keep evading and target its segmented parts. Once you get the Sherm, move on to the boss itself.

Once the Mechawiggler is started up, it’ll go inside a wormhole so you’ll need to keep an eye on the electricity bolts it shoots up from the wormhole.

The plasma globes are his weak points and they will go dark if you hit them. You have to hit them all until the boss is completely dark to move on to the next phase of the fight.

The Mechawiggler will try to rush you multiple time. Once it stops moving, Cappy will tell you to continue shooting. After it goes back up on the walls, it’ll launch several orbs of energy and it will turn orange.

Its speed will substantially increase it’ll increase its length. The path that the boss will take will be the city hall and this will make the boss much more difficult to shoot at.

You have to try and avoid the barrage of attacks that the boss performs. After the boss performs his combo, his sphere will turn pink and the boss will be vulnerable to your attacks.

Keep on repeating the process of avoiding his attacks and using the Sherm to attack the boss until the boss goes dark for good and you defeat the boss.

You will receive a Multi Moon once you defeat this boss. You can also get a Power Moon by performing a Ground Pound in the Mayor Pauline Commemorative Park.

Mushroom Kingdom Fight

When you face him in Metro Kingdom, the fight will be fairly similar. Only difference is that the Mechawiggler will be longer and it’ll separate into two when it charges up.

As it comes out through the wormholes, evade its attacks by strafing horizontally in the Sherm tank.

When it goes up on the wall, it’ll release some pink orbs which will float in the air and then blow up, releasing yellow projectiles. Just watch out for these and the rest of the fight should play out exactly the same as it did previously.

Defeating the Mechawiggler in the Mushroom Kingdowm will reward you with another Multi Moon.

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