Super Mario Odyssey Madame Brood Boss Guide

Our Super Mario Odyssey Madame Brood Boss Fight Guide is here to help you learn how to beat Madame Brood who appears near Fossil Falls in Cascade Kingdom.

Madame Brood is accompanied by Chain Chompikins and has a few Power Moons around her neck. Once defeated, Madame Brood drops a Multi Moon.

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Super Mario Odyssey Madame Brood Boss

In order to deal damage to Madame Brood, you need to pull her Chain Chompikins until it turns red and then release it so that it bounces back and deals damage to the boss.

She will, sometimes, throw her Chain Chompikins in your direction. Since it deals a massive amount of damage, you need to avoid it.

After she throws her Chain Chompikins, it will retrace back to her, giving you another opportunity to hit her.

Be warned after you throw the chain back at her she will become enraged at this point, and that’s when she will try to swipe at you, dodge her attacks and tire her out.

Take control of her chain chomp and wait for her to reel you in, use the tension she creates to smack her right in her face.

Grab the coins that fall off of her, and then dodge the oncoming chain attack as she send her chain chomp out of her face and possibly into yours. She will start swiping at you more frequently the more you lower her health.

This is a fairly easy boss battle that requires you to have impeccable timing and a little patience. With a little patience, you should be able to defeat her without any problems.

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