Super Mario Odyssey Lost Kingdom Power Moon Locations Guide

Power Moons are scarce but finding them is incredibly satisfying. This Super Mario Odyssey Lost Kingdom Power Moon Locations Guide will tell you the location of 25 of the Power Moons that can be found inside the lost Kingdom of Super Mario Odyssey. Most of them are easy to find so you should be able to quickly locate all of them.

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Super Mario Odyssey Lost Kingdom Power Moon Locations

Atop a Propeller Pillar

Get to the rotating platform after possessing a wriggler. Now move east until you get to the propeller platform and take the Power Moon.

Below the Cliff’s Edge

Look for the Moon on a small platform towards the western edge, it will have a Moon.

Inside the Stone Cage

To get the Moon, get on the plateau above and smash jump the yellow pillar. This will open the cage so you can grab the Moon.

On a Tree in the Swamp

Capture a Wriggler and move to the swamp, smash the ground to raise the yellow brick stairs next to a tree. Now extend yourself to get the Power Moon.

Over the Fuzzies, Above the Swamp

Go to the corner of the hillside to get the Moon from a yellow platform.

Avoiding Fuzzies Inside the Wall

Start the 2D platform level that you can see on the side of the cliff to find the Moon inside it.

Inside the Rising Stone Pillar

Get to the yellow stone steps and smash jump onto them to make them move down. Have the side which is closer to the Swamp go up so you can find the Power Moon.

Enjoying the View of Forgotten Isle

Tree next to the shop on the Rocky Mountain Summit has the collectible inside it.

On the Mountain Road

Go towards Rocky Mountain Summit from Swamp Hill and jump smash the glowing flowers to uncover the Power Moon.

A Propeller Pillar’s Secret

The propeller with butterflies in the middle has the Moon. Jump smash the ground to get it.

Butterfly’s Treasure

Find the Butterfly on the rock formation to the west of Rocky Mountain Summit and throw your cap at the Butterfly to get the Power Moon.

Caught Hopping in the Jungle

Move to the rotating platform and get a wriggler to hit the rabbit until it drops the Moon.

Cave Gardening

Turn west from Talkatoo to find the secret entrance to the Cave. Now hit all 16 flowers inside the cave to get the Power Moon.

Moon Shards in the Jungle

Find the five shards towards the north of the Mountainside Platform to unlock the Power Moon.

Peeking Out from Under the Bridge

Moon is found underneath the bridge to the North of your Odyssey.

Twist ‘n’ Turn-Up Treasure

Get a tropical Wriggler and get to the edge of the area with a tree on t and a key lock. Use your wriggler to extend yourself and get the key hidden towards the alcove on the right. Get the Moon by unlocking the lock.

Soaring Over Forgotten Isle

Capture the Glydon on top of Rocky Mountain Summit and take it to the island towards the south which has a Power Moon on it.

Get Some Rest, Captain Toad

Go to the poison field and use a Wriggler to get to the North Edge. Now find an opening to the cave towards your East and retrieve the Power Moon from there.

Shopping on Forgotten Isle

Purchase this Moon from the shop for 100 coins.

Taxi Flying Through Forgotten Isle

Capture the binoculars towards the South of Odyssey. Scout the skies and find an airship. Keep your binoculars on it until it starts shining and drops a Moon for you to collect.

I Met a Tropical Wriggler

Capture a Tropical Wriggler and take it to the bottom of the yellow bricks. Smash ground jump the four columns so the Wriggler moves over to the tourist. This will get you a Power Moon.

Lost Kingdom Regular Cup

Complete the Cup Race to get this Moon. Try to use Dive Jump and Ground Pound Jump during the race to finish it easily and then grab the Moon as a reward.

Peach in the Lost Kingdom

Talk to Princess Peach by the Rocky Mountain Summit Flag to get the final Power Moon.

Wrecked Rock Block

Go to the swamp Hill Flag and then head east. You will find a Trapeetle close to some blocks. Use the block to through cappy at the Trappeetle and when the glowing block is smashes by it you will get the power moon.

After the moon rock

The rest of the moons are available after you have defeated Bowser. You will smash the moon rock to be able to find the remaining moons.

The shinning fruit

Go to the right side of the island and a palm tree would have a glowing power moon.

Jump down to the Top of a Tree and Line it up, Blow It up

For these to power moons you have to warp the Rocky Mountain Summit and then use your cappy to throw the trapeetle over your head and it will hit the rocks and explode and the power moon will come out.

Taking Notes: Stretch and Shrink

Warp to swamp hill and take out one of the wigglers. Then get onto the rotating platform and jump over to the solid ground towards the right, then again to a rotating platform and gather the musical notes.

Lost Kingdom Master Cup

This is going to hard. You will have to work really hard for this. Good luck with this one. Use cappy and trapeetles to blow up some walls and you will eventually get it.

Lost Kingdom Timer Changer

Jump off the eastern cliff after wrapping to Rocky mountain summit and then you will throw cappy at the scarecrow there to get the power moon from the palm tree top.

Stretch and Traverse the Jungle and A glow in the Jungle

These two are in the gray chimney in the north of odyssey. Avoid purple waves at all time.

Chasing Klepto and Extremely hot bath

These two are present in the Rocky Mountain Summit’s gray chimney near the eastern cliff. Same tips apply to this one as well.

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