Super Mario Odyssey Lake Kingdom Power Moon Locations Guide

The Lake Kingdom is an underwater Super Mario level and you get the opportunity to traverse it once you are done with the Sand Kingdom. This Super Mario Odyssey Lake Kingdom Power Moon Locations Guide will show you the locations of the 25 Power Moons in the Lake Kingdom and give you tips and tricks on how to easily unlock them.

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Super Mario Odyssey Lake Kingdom Power Moon Locations

Some of these will unlock as you visit other Kingdoms in the series so do not worry if their challenge has not appeared for you yet

Broodals Over the Lake

Defeat one of the Broodals to get this Power Moon. You can do this by following the main path until you reach the water tube. Make your way up the tube to the boss and defeat him.

Dorrie-Back Rider

Simply swim to Dorries back and then grab it from there. Easy Peasy!

Cheep Cheep Crossing

You will see 6 holes in the wall. The Power Moon is in the upper middle hole.

End of the Hidden Passage

Use the flower springboard and get to the platform. Use your cap on the zipper and get the Power Moon behind the concrete bars.

What’s in the Box

Destroy the boxes on the cliff and your Power Moon will spawn on the opposite site.

On the Lakeshore

Butt-slam the spot in front of the Odyssey.

From the Broken Pillar

Use your slam on the pillar in front of the entrance of the main plaza.

Treasure in the Spiky Waterway

At the start of the level, make your way to the spiky underwater area. You will find the treasure chest with the Power Moon.

Spiky Passage Seed

Plant the seed in the pot of the main plaza. Come back when the plant is grown to get your Power Moon.

Lake Kingdom Timer Challenge #1

Hit the scarecrow and get to the Power Moon before the timer runs out.

Lake Kingdom Timer Challenge #2

Revisit the boss area to start this challenge. Use your summersaults to jump on the platforms and complete the challenge.

Moon Shards in the Lake

Collect five shards to form the Power Moon. You can easily find the shards in the underwater area.

Dive and Swim

Collect all of the notes to get the Power Moon.

In the Cliffside

Same as before, collect the notes in the retro 2d area to unlock the Power Moon.

Lake Fishing

Use Lapitu to get the biggest shadow out of the water. This will unlock the Power Moon.

I Met a Lake Cheep Cheep!

Capture a cheep cheep, then get into the small ring on the lake to get a Power Moon.

Our Secret Little Room

Go to the spaces on the wall in the main plaza and you will find a hidden room with a Power Room in one of them.

Let’s Go Swimming, Captain Todd

See the deep tunnel on the main level of the plaza, butt-slam your way to find Captain Toad there and get the Power Moon.

Shopping in Lake Lamode

Buy the Power Moon for 100 coins from the yellow shopkeeper.

A Successful Repair Job

When the rocks blocking the puzzle area is gone, flip the concrete wall until the puzzle is in place and you get the Power Moon.

I Feel Underdressed

Collect some purple coins and get the swimming gear from the purple shopkeeper. Now move to the wedding dress room and spin your cap where the dress was to get the Power Moon.

Unzip the Chasm

Go to the zipper-puzzle area and complete the puzzle to get the Power Moon.

Super-Secret Zipper

In the area where you see a zipper on the other side, use your cap to reveal an invisible bridge and use your cap on the two zippers to get to a hidden area with the Power Moon.

Jump, Grab, Cling, Climb

Finish the hidden area to find the Power Moon.

Jump, Grab, Climb Some More

In the same area as the last Power Moon, jump on the elevating yellow platform instead of going straight to the end to find a Power Moon.

Secret Path to Lake Lamode

For this power moon you will have to go to a painting which can be found in the Luncheon Kingdom in Wooden Kingdom. These painting can be different for different players. There is one in the power room in the Snow Kingdom as well. Use the cloud “Ty-Foo” to fly over Odyssey and to the ice wall, specifically to its brown part. Go inside this painting and you will be at the Lake kingdom where the Viewing Balcony wrap flag is present. The power moon will be present here.

Lake Kingdom Art

This one is present in the artwork present in the stairs near odyssey. The path can be daunting but you need to get there for this power moon.

Taxi Flying Through lake Lamode

Get the power moon from the flying taxi that you can see using Cappy on the green binoculars near Odyssey. It would look like a glying ship first but it actually is a taxi.


You need to go the B1 quadrant that is present on top of the water plaza. You will find three mermaid sisters there. Different outfits are demanded by different sisters and you need to be dressed in those costumes in order to get the power moons. These would be the costume of a pirate, an astronaut and a cowboy. Speak to the sisters in the costumes they demand to get the power moons.

Lake Kingdom Regular Cup

Become a fish using cappy and jump over the water to get this power moon.

Peach in Lake Kingdom

Talk to Princess peach to get the power moon. You will find her at the terrace of the Water palace near the flag.

Behind the Floodgate

Go behind the three pillars which are in the north of Odyssey after you have broken the moon rock and beaten the game. You will have to go through the water and unzip the ground and turn around in order to find it.

High Flying Leap

Go the water plaza terrace flag and you will see a green 8-bit style pipe and the moon on its left. You will glide to the power moon when you swim over there and hit the flower with Cappy.

Deep, Deep Down

Again go to the Water Plaza Terrace and into the water and become a fish using Cappy and go into the lengthy water hole there. You will find the power moon opposite to Captain Toad.

Rooftop of Water Plaza

Again go to the Water Plaza Terrace and then to the area that has the dress at the top. There is pillar there, climb and jump to the horizontal area at the top. To get the poer moon you have to Butt stomp that horizontal part.

Bird Travelling Over the Lake

There is a bird that sits on the northwest corner of the Odyssey lake. Spook it out and then go back to dry land and then hit it with cappy to get the moon.

Love by the Lake

For this power moon you will have to possess a Goomba near the staircase in Odyssey. Then go down the stairs to the red hat Goomba and get the moon.

Waves of Poison: Hoppin’ Over and Waves of Poison: Hop to it!

These are the final two moons and they are located in the grey chimney close to odyssey. The two platforms that have the power moons are your goal and you have to get there while avoiding the purple wave and if you get there you will get the moons

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