Super Mario Odyssey Knucklotec Boss Guide

In this Super Mario Odyssey Knucklotec Boss Guide, we will tell you how you can defeat the boss Knucklotec .Our boss guide features some tips and strategies to help you defeat this boss easily.

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Super Mario Odyssey Knucklotec Boss

First let’s talk a little bit about the boss. He looks similar to the Eyerok from Super Mario 64 because Eyerok is also a rocky ancient guardian that has floating hands.

They both also speak in the same way i.e. with broken grammar. When Mario meets him in the first round, he would only have the upper part of his head sticking out of the ground and Mario would comfortably walk over him. He will make a growling sound sometime when Mario ground pounds him.

Now let’s talk about how will beat him in a fight.

The fourth boss that you come across in the Sand Kingdom is Knucklotec and he is your first non-brodal boss.

As the name suggests, he specializes in fist attacks so you need to be aware of his big hands and the floating fists. There are two phases of this battle. Both are mostly identical with the second phase adding another attack that the boss performs.

In the first phase of the battle, you will be required to dodge his fist attack, which he will try to pummel in Maria as soon as the battle starts.

Your strategy here is to stun his hand and then control it to hit it back. In the arena, you will see that there is some ice puddle on the ground.

What you need to do here is that as soon as the boss tries to slam his fists into you, you need to run towards one of the ice puddles and dodge at the last moment to ensure that the fists land in the ice puddle.

As soon as his fists land in the ice puddle, they will freeze. Now what you need to do is to use Cappy to control Knucklotec’s hand.

You will not have a lot of time and it will not be long before you lose control over the hand. As soon as you take control of the hand, pummel the hand in Knucklotec’s own face.

This will cause him to fly back and shoot his fists at you in retaliation.

Be prepared to dodge them. He will come back on the ground and slam his palms on the ground. This will cause some large icy icicles to drop on you. Make sure to dodge around to safety.

Another attack that the boss will use is the slap. Occasionally the boss will try to slap. Simply dodge them.

After you have hit him twice, the battle will enter phase 2. In this phase, the boss initiates a new attack on you here using his hands to perform a clapping attack.

This attack has a 2-second delay which you must avoid. Apart from this new attack, the boss has the same attacks as the previous phase. Hit him with his own fist three times to defeat Knucklotec for good.

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