Super Mario Odyssey Harriet Boss Guide

Our Super Mario Odyssey Harriet Boss Fight Guide is here  to help you learn how to beat Harriet who appears near Tostarena in Sand Kingdom. In order to fight her, you need to collect all the Moon Shards in the Moe-Eye to complete the Moon Shards in the Sand mission.

Once done, you need to head over to top of the Inverted Pyramid. Successfully completing the boss fight will reward you with a Multi Moon.

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Super Mario Odyssey Harriet Boss

At the very start of the fight, Harriet will land wielding a spiked, steel helmet. Once done, she will toss a trio of Spiked Bombs at you.

During the course of the boss battle, you should easily be able to hit these Spiked Bombs and deal damage to her. However, if you continue to ignore them, Harriet will toss a larger bomb that will deal increased amount of damage.

Hitting Harriet with her Spiked Bombs will cause her Spiked Helmet to fall off, allowing you to land a Jump Attack.

After this, Harriet will transform her helmet into a ship and begin flying around the arena while dropping bombs. Once again, you need to hit the bombs to deal damage to her. At this point, continue to repeat the process to win the boss battle.

Though, Harriet will gradually become more aggressive, her fighting pattern will remain the same.

Thus, you’ll need to be careful, but keep repeating your strategy. Once you’ve landed an attack on her for the third time, she will be defeated.

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