This Super Mario Odyssey Glitch Lets You Kill Mario

Super Mario Odyssey launched for Switch last month and apparently, gamers have found an interesting glitch in the game that lets them kill Mario. This Super Mario Odyssey glitch lets you kill Mario in the game’s co-op mode which lets the player capture a Piranha Plant and then lets them kill Mario.

This Super Mario Odyssey glitch was spotted by Twitter user DefinitivNichtSacha, who also posted video proof of the glitch that also details how to trigger the glitch. To trigger this Super Mario Odyssey glitch players first need to capture a Piranha Plant and feed it a rock after which you can command Cappy to attack the plant which will kill the plant and Mario.

Speaking of glitches, Destiny 2 players have also spotted a glitch in Trials of the Nine that causes both of the teams to lose. If a team quits during team introduction screen then the team that quits gets a loss and the other gets a win. However, with the glitch, both teams are given a loss on their cards.

Also, this is not the only glitch that has been found in Destiny 2 as gamers have found a infinite Ammo glitch for Wardcliff Coil Rocket Launcher and players have been taking advantage of it.

To use this Destiny 2 glitch, Players first need to set the crouch to “Toggle” from the controls menu and must have a Titan class Guardian. Equip Wardcliff Coil rocket launcher.

Use the Rally Barricade and spam the crouch button and fire the rockets at the same time and you will notice that even though the rockets are being fired the ammo count will be increasing.

Super Mario Odyssey is a third-person platformer developed by Nintendo exclusively for Nintendo Switch.


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