Super Mario Odyssey Enemy Capture Guide

In this Super Mario Odyssey Enemy Capture Guide, we will guide on how to capture an enemy in Super Mario Odyssey. The game features a brand new element of capturing enemies and we have curated this guide for you to understand how to use this mechanic.

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Super Mario Odyssey Enemy Capture

Super Mario Odyssey is a huge game and it features many creatures in the world that you can capture and utilize. When you capture a creature, you are granted access to all its current stats such as health, attack moves and abilities, which is very useful in certain situations during the story.

How to Capture Enemy

To capture an enemy, all you need to do is throw your cap at him. Cappy has many useful features and one of them is capturing enemies.

Pressing the Y button will make you throw the cap in the direction where Mario is facing. Simply face the enemy and throw your cap at it to start controlling them.

You can use them for different purposes such as combat and to destroy blockades.

This ability is vital for you to practice because, in some parts of the story, you will not be able to continue if you do not use it to capture a specific enemy to clear up a path ahead or use their specific ability. Another fun fact about this ability is that when you control an enemy, they get the iconic Mario Mustache and red cap.

Capturable creatures range from Goombas, Chain Chomps, Bullet Bills, a T-Rex, Bowser and Yoshi, to even puzzle parts, statues and other stationary items.

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