Super Mario Odyssey Cookatiel Boss Guide

In this Super Mario Odyssey Cookatiel Boss Guide, we will guide you on how you can defeat the boss Cookatiel. Mario is back in this brand new adventure, which will pit him against many gigantic bosses one of which is this big chicken with the chef hat, the cookatiel!

Out of these bosses, Cookatiel is one of such bosses. We have curated this Cookatiel guide, which features some tips and strategies to help you defeat this boss easily.

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Super Mario Odyssey Cookatiel Boss

Cookatiel is giant funny looking bird that you will face at the top of Mount Volbono in Luncheon Kingdom.

The outfit of the boss looks like a chef while the attacks also look like it is based around food. Your goal at the top of Mount Volbono is to defeat this giant chef bird wearing a red tie. You fight this boss in the form of Lava Bubble.

This battle is fairly simple and you can easily defeat this boss of you follow our tips and tricks.

The basic attacks of Cookatiel include what looks like a food barrage containing bell peppers and some thorny fruits. You must avoid these attacks at all costs because they might look yummy to you but they are lethal to Mario.

You can hide behind mounts of food here and there to take cover from the pounding vegetables.

Use dodge frequently and hide behind food mounds and you should be fine until the boss shoots a lava barf. As soon as it does this, get out of hiding, jump on the stacks, and try to ascend it by jumping on more stacks coming above it.

Keep dodging the fruits coming down during this phase. Once back on the ground, the boss’s attacks will intensify and you will be required to dodge more aggressively until it barfs again.

Keep at it until at the third barf bridge, keep ascending the stacks until you can move in for the final kill attack.

This is a simple battle if you know how to defeat the boss. The attacks are repetitive and predictable so you should not have much problems with this boss specially after reading this guide.

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