Super Mario Odyssey Cloud Kingdom Power Moon Locations

In this Super Mario Odyssey Cloud Kingdom Power Moon Locations Guide, we will guide you on the locations of all the Power Moons located in the Cloud Kingdom so that you have enough to not only upgrade the Odyssey for the campaign, but also a surplus to unlock the various great outfits available for Mario.

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Super Mario Odyssey Cloud Kingdom Power Moon Locations

When you land in a kingdom, you will need to refuel and upgrade Odyssey. Every kingdom will have a specific requirement of Power Moons that you will need to collect before you can advance to the next Kingdom.

You will get Power Moons from completing objectives, beating bosses and in secret areas throughout the kingdoms.

You can collect the required number of Power Moons, advance to the next kingdom and then return later when the story ends to collect the remaining Power Moons as some can only be accessed once the story has ended.

In this guide, we have focused on all Power Moons in the Cloud Kingdom. You will find the location to all nine Power Moons below.

Cloud Kingdom Power Moon #1 (Picture Match: Basically a Goomba)

Enter the warp pipe to start the Picture Match challenge and solve the Goomba puzzle to get a Power Moon.

Cloud Kingdom Power Moon #2 (Peach in the Cloud Kingdom)

When you return to see Princess Peach after the story, meet her and she will give you a Power Moon. For her location, check out Super Mario Odyssey Princess Peach Locations Guide here.

Cloud Kingdom Power Moon #3 (Digging in the … Cloud?)

Near Princess Peach’s platform, find the half-phase platform located clockwise. When you feel vibrations, use your ground pound and reveal the Power Moon.

Cloud Kingdom Power Moon #4 (High, High Above the Clouds)

You will need to use the cap clouds to reach a western platform. Here, use your ground pound on sunburst and it will take you to another cluster of cap clouds. Cross the clouds and you will get to another Power Moon.

Cloud Kingdom Power Moon #5 (Crossing the Cloud Sea)

Beneath the Moon Rock, there is a locked panel. The Power Moon is inside this panel. The tricky part here is finding the key. You will find the key across some cap clouds north of this panel. Try not to fall down.

Cloud Kingdom Power Moon #6 (Taking Notes: Up and Down)

Reach the Nimbus Arena and cross the cap clouds to its east side. You will reach on a circular platform. Use ground pound on the starburst sign to make it go up. Leap to the treble clef and you will initiate a mini-quest in which you have to collect four notes. Use Cappy to collect them. If the platform goes down, use ground pound on it again.

Cloud Kingdom Power Moon #7 (Picture Match: A Stellar Goomba)

You will get a Power Moon when you complete the Picture Match challenge. Take a snapshot of the puzzle so that easily solve it. Once you have completed the puzzle, you will earn a Power Moon as reward.

Cloud Kingdom Power Moon #8 (King of the Cube)

Near the Hint Toad, you will find a Moon Pipe. Enter it to find an 8-bit level inside and reach the end of the pipe to win the Power Moon. You will encounter many obstacles on the way but you will not meet any difficult puzzle inside.

Cloud Kingdom Power Moon #9 (The Sixth Face)

When you are heading to get the last moon, on your way as soon as you reach fourth face, trigger the invisible block above the fourth grid block located on the right side. Jump on the block and enter the warp pipe above it. This will lead you to the last Power Moon in this Kingdom

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