Super Mario Odyssey Cascade Kingdom Power Moon Locations Guide

This kingdom has a prehistoric feel to it and the massive dinosaur sleeping on top of a mountain really adds to it! This is also the first kingdom with a Power Moon. In total, this kingdom has 25 Power Moons. This Super Mario Odyssey Cascade Kingdom Power Moon Locations Guide will show you where all 25 of those Power Moons reside so that you can easily locate them.

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Super Mario Odyssey Cascade Kingdom Power Moon Locations

Our First Power Moon

This is going to be your very first Power Moon. Use your cap on the Chain Chomp to uncover this Power Moon.

Multi Moon atop the Falls

It will give you three power moons instead of one. Go to the big rabbit on top of the mountain. Use Chain Chomp to break open some stones and end the 2D Mario stage to get the moon. Keep on the path until you get to the big rabbit and beat it to get the Multi Moons.

Chomp through the Rocks

Use the Chain Chomp to break open the rocks. You will find the moon behind the rocks.

Behind the Waterfall

Go to the 2D area behind the waterfall and head left through a hidden passage instead of going up to find the Power Moon.

On top of the Rubble

Get to the area where you started the Odyssey for the first time. The power moon will be in front of you between your ship and shops.

Treasure of the Waterfall Basin

The Power Moon is at the beginning of the area. Swim between the waterfalls after which you will find a cave. Inside that cave is a chest containing the power moon

Above a High Cliff

As the title says, you will find it near the cliff on the area marked. Use your Chain Chomp to destroy some rocks and get there.

Across the Floating Isles

At the northern end where you fought the boss of the area there are three floating platforms. Jump across the floating isles to get to the Power Moon.

Cascade Kingdom Timer Challenge #1

Use your cap on the scarecrow next to the starting point. Complete the challenge to keep the Moon.

Cascade Kingdom Timer Challenge #2

Get it using the same procedure as you did in the last one.

Good Morning, Captain Toad!

You can find the toad near the Dinosaur. Get on the mountain above him and drop to the ledge where he is. Talk to the toad to get a moon.

Big Cleanup and Running Wild

Use the hidden door to enter a new area, you can find two moons in this area. Use your cap on the dinosaur and kill all of the enemies to get the first moon. Then drop from the dinosaur to the ledge at the back and destroy one of the rocks to get a Moon.

Chain Chomp Moons

Get to the area and enter the green tube. Use your cap on the Chain Chomps, repeat this process in three areas to get the Power Moon. After getting the moon, move to the hidden area to the right of the green tube to find a second Power Moon.

Past the Chasm Lifts and Hidden Chasm Passage

Go to the hidden area next to the stone bridge. Finish the 2D area to get the first one. Now drop from the ledge which comes after the elevating platforms. There will be a second 2D area for you to finish so that you can get the moon.

Rolling Rock by the Falls

Use your cap on the Dinosaur and destroy the stone on the marked location to get the Power Moon.

Tourist in the Cascade Kingdom

To avail this power moon, you need to end the game and head back to the Sand Kingdom. Talk with the Desert Wanderer. After that head to Metro Kingdom and over there you will find him again. Talk to him again and head back to the Cascade Kingdom where you will find him again and the power moon.

Rolling Rock by the Falls

Walk through the bridge between the waterfalls and go right. You will find rocks buried in the sand near the cliff wall. Kick the one which is on the right a number of times and you will get the power moon.

Peach in the Cascade Kingdom

Talk to peach above the waterfall (Fossil Fall heights) to get this power moon.

Cascade Kingdom Regular Cup

Talk to Koopa near the Odyssey who will ask you to race. Beat him in order to get the power moon.

Caveman Cave-Fan

Talk to the hat wearing NPC in northwest side of the Kingdom. Head back to Odyssey and get yourself into the caveman costume. Return to talk to NPC again to get the power moon.

Shopping in Fossil Falls

Talk to the yellow merchant at the start of the map. You can buy the moon from him for 100 golden coins.

Sphynx Travelling to Waterfall

Use the binoculars near the Odyssey and look at the sky until you find a Sphynx, keep looking at it and you’ll get the power moon.

Bottom of Waterfall Basin

Stomp on the glowing area underwater between the waterfalls to get the power moon.

Just a Hat, Skip, and Jump

This one is located on the northeast coast and requires a few skilled jumps to get the power moon.

Treasure Under the Cliff

On the cliffside where you had to throw your hat to create short-term platforms, throw Cappy to the first platform and then wall jump to get to the power moon.

Next to the Stone Arch

On the side of the bridge that takes you to the boss area, you’ll see a power moon.  Simply Jump off the side to grab it.

Guarded by Colossal Fossil

This power moon is located on the big fossil’s nose. Climb on the ledge and throw Cappy while holding down dash button. After a few seconds you will get the power moon.

Under the Ground

Take over the T. Rex and move him away. Beneath him, you will find a glowing area. Stomp it and you will get the power moon. You need to end the game and smash the moon rock for this one to appear

Caught Hopping at the Waterfall

Catch the rabbit with the top hat to get this moon.

Taking Notes: Hurry Upward

In the wall where you turn 2-D, you will locate a treble clef. Hit and collect the musical notes that appear.

Across the Mysterious Clouds

Enter the gray chimney like structure near the Stone Bridge flag and warp. Beat the platforming in this area to get the moon. You need to end the game and smash the moon rock before to make it available for yourself.

Atop a Wall Among the Clouds

In the same section mentioned previously, there is a hidden block above number of blocks. Jump in order to hit it and jump again to climb on top of the platform. Follow the path on your left side to acquire this power moon.

Cascade Kingdom Master Cup

Talk to Koopa again near the Odyssey to run a difficult version of the race which you previously had only if you want to acquire the power moon.

Across the Gusty Bridges

Enter which looks like a gray chimney in the clearing beneath four Chain Chomps. Complete the platforming challenge to get the moon

Flying Far Away from Gusty Bridges

In the same chimney section mentioned before, be on the lookout for a handle to your left. Throw Cappy into the wind to hit the handle and lower the platform to another set of blowing winds. Throw Cappy into the nearby wind to hit another handle to get the moon.

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