Super Mario Odyssey Captain Toad Locations Guide

In this Super Mario Odyssey Captain Toad Locations Guide, we will help you find Captain Toad. There are different means of finding moons as rewards and finding Captain Toad is one of them, so finding him is a boon for your moon collection.

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Super Mario Odyssey Captain Toad Locations

Captain Toad is yet another optional task for you to find. Finding him is quite rewarding as you get a moon reward every time you find him in a kingdom. You can find him in 14 different locations throughout the game world. We have listed these locations below for you.

Cap Kingdom

In the Cap Kingdom, you can find Captain Toad on the top of Top-Hat Tower. You can simply use the Tower to reach the top by wrapping around it and climbing up to the top.

Cascade Kingdom

In the Cascade Kingdom, once you have defeated the boss, return to the arena and drop down the platform located on the left side of the entrance. Drop down to another platform and you will find Captain Toad.

Sand Kingdom

In the Sand Kingdom, head to the oasis, possess a Lakitu and fly over to the dunes. Find the location where several cacti are present. Throw your cast at the biggest silhouette in the sand, as it is Captain Toad.

Lake Kingdom

In the Lake Kingdom, Head to the Water Plaza with the mermaid and possess a Cheep Cheep. Dive underwater and head towards the bottom to find the Captain Toad.

Wooded Kingdom

In the Wooded Kingdom, once the bosses have been defeated you can find the Captain Toad near the Observation Deck close to the Secret Flower Field Entrance Flag. Once at the warp flag, head to the Observation Deck and possess any nearby flying creature to fly over to Toad present at a floating deck.

Lost Kingdom

In the Lost Kingdom, when you have acquired Cappy back, head past the weird spinning columns and cross the poison bog by possessing a caterpillar. When you have reached the stumps at the back of a huge tree, find the tiny hole in the green wall. Go inside to find Captain Toad.

Metro Kingdom

In the Metro Kingdom, you find Captain Toad behind the City Hall. Quick travel to New Donk City Hall Plaza Flag and go around the building. You will end up behind the City Hall. Smash the stack of boxes present there and use the path to get to Captain Toad.

Snow Kingdom

In the Snow Kingdom, once the boss has been defeated, you get access to the upper section of the kingdom. Once up there, find the small recess located on the exterior wall and use Cappy to find Captain Toad inside.

Seaside Kingdom

Possess an Octopus while on the Odyssey and use the water propulsion to get to some platforms behind the ship. Refill and then continue straight up.

Once you have reached the next platform, turn left and cross the fields. Climb up yet again and then keep heading straight following the cliff. Keep going until you find Captain Toad.

Luncheon Kingdom

In the Luncheon Kingdom, start with reaching the Cookatiel boss section and climb some platforms located there. While you are at the peaks, use Cappy to possess a flying enemy and then drop down to the ground. Launch in the air and head straight for the Captain Toad located in the pink lava marshes.

Bowser’s Kingdom

In the Bowser’s Kingdom, there is a yellow rooftop on the far right side of the outer area wall of the castle. Break the yellow blocks and you will find Captain Toad in a small secret alcove inside.

Moon Kingdom

Return to the Moon Kingdom after finishing the game and find Captain Toad chatting with some characters behind Odyssey on a moon dune.

Mushroom Kingdom

For this Captain Toad, you must first find Yoshi in Princess Peach’s castle. Behind the castle, there is a scarecrow, use Cappy on it to form some stairs, go up and break the egg to get Yoshi.

Now head to the shop and find the toadstool behind it. Jump on it and with the help of Yoshi’s special ability, get to the rooftop to find Captain Toad.

Dark Side of the Moon Kingdom

On the Dark Side of the Moon Kingdom, defeat all four bosses, climb the big carrot and find Captain Toad in a small secret alcove beside the fifth door.

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