Super Mario Odyssey Cap Kingdom Power Moon Locations Guide

The Cap Kingdom has relatively lesser Moons than the other Kingdoms in the new Super Mario. However, that does not mean that finding those Moons is any easier. This Super Mario Odyssey Cap Kingdom Power Moon Locations Guide will tell you the precise locations of all of the Moons that can be found inside the Cap Kingdom.

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Super Mario Odyssey Cap Kingdom Power Moon Locations

Frog-Jumping Above the Fog

Possess one of the frogs and then turn left to gaze into the fog. Look for two hats and a few blocks in the fog. Use a nearby frog to reach the blocks, jump on the middle one to reveal a secret block which you can use to get the Moon.

Frog-Jumping from the Top Deck

For this possess a frog and jump onto the hat house close to the Cap store. Reach the moon by doing a high jump. Shake Joy-Cons for a high jump.

Cap Kingdom Timer Challenge #1

Get to the scarecrow at the end of the bridge, hit it and run back up to get the Moon.

Good Evening, Captain Toad

Meet Captain Toad at the end of the Top Hat Tower to get the Moon – only after completing the Main Story.

Shopping in Bonneton

Buy this Moon for 100 coins from the main hub.

Skimming the Poison Tide

Use a Paragoomba to get to the back of the Top Hat Tower. Enter the hat door and get over the purple gloop to collect the five Moon Shards.

Slipping through the Poison Tide

Use a Paragoomba on the bridge towards the Top Hat Tower. Enter the hat door and get to the far platform. Fly through the fence when the tide is low and get to the platforms to get the Moon.

Push-Block Peril

Go around the corner from the Top Hat Tower checkpoint and through the hat door.

Use blue moving stages around to move out. This is all about your timing if you don’t time it well you will fall. At final Spark pylon, de-possess over the Moon get your reward.

Hidden Among the Push-Blocks

Check for the blue L shaped platform when going through the challenge. Look inside the block to find the Moon.

Searching the Frog Pond

Go to the hat door behind the Binoculars and possess a frog to get the five Moonshards, which will get you the Power Moon.

Secrets of the Frog Pond

Same as before, get to the hat door and find the Moon at the top of the room. Use the wall on the white platform to get to the ledge and reach for the Moon.

The Forgotten Treasure

Speak to the cap in front of the Crazy Cap store. Now find the treasure on the right of the first bridge. GroundPound the floor to reveal the treasure which has the Power Moon.

Taxi Flying Through Bonneton

Use the binoculars near the Crazy Cap shop and zoom in at the Moon. Look at the balloon carrying a taxi instead of a hat long enough and you will get a Moon.

Bonneter Blockade

Cross the main bridge and turn right to find the cap blocking a Power Moon. Now possess the Paragoomba and fly towards the cap to scare it away and get the Moon.

Cap Kingdom Regular Cup

Look for a Koopa next to the top hat door on the Top Hat Tower. Now a race will start and you must possess a Paragoomba to win the race and get the Moon.

Peach in the Cap Kingdom

Complete the main story, now find it on a platform to the left of the bridge which goes to the Top Hat Tower.

Found the Cap Kingdom Art

Find this Moon at the bottom of the bridge which leads to the Top Hat Tower

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