Super Mario Odyssey Bowser Boss Guide

This Super Mario Odyssey Bowser Boss Guide will give you tips and tricks on how you can beat the boss and save the Princess.

Bowser is the final boss in the new Super Mario game and is by far the most difficult one. After you beat the Broodals, you will travel to the Mushroom Kingdom to fight Bowser in his wedding suit and two boxing gloves.

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Super Mario Odyssey Bowser Boss

At the start of the boss fight, Bowser will stand and jump over the small circles at the end of the area. He will usually throw his hat once he is on one of the circles.

The hat will spin all over the area and the only way to stop it is to throw Cappy in its direction. Once the hat drops down, you can pick it up and wear it yourself.

Once you have the hat on you, Bowser will unleash flames that expand when they travel towards you. You have to jump to avoid them and then try to get close to Bowser so that you can hit him with the boxing gloves.

When you try to get close to Bowser, he will try to throw boulders at you which you will need to avoid by moving to the side.

Get close to bowser and hit him with the boxing gloves until he is dazed. At this point, he will throw three flames at you and then sit down.

Dodge the flames and then hit him again until he stands up.

Once Bowser stands up, he will move to the center of the area and unleash flames from his mouth which will move in circles.

You cannot hit Bowser at this time so all you need to do is to avoid the flames by jumping over them.

After throwing the flames, Bowser will move back to the circles and will summon multiple hats to throw at you.

All you need to do is to hit the original hat to make all of the others disappear.

Alternatively, you can use your cap throw to make the hats disappear. Some of the hats may even contain a heart that will help you if you are running low on health.

The aforementioned patterns will be repeated by Bowser so try to memorize them and hit him whenever you have the chance. Eventually, he will be defeated and you will be able to save the Princess.

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