Super Mario Bros React Video Introduces Tribal Pakistanis To Classic Nintendo Game

A new reaction video posted by the YouTube channel “Reactistan” (apparently a Middle Eastern version of other classic React channels) has posted a Super Mario Bros react video that has tribal Pakistani villagers playing through the first level of the classic Nintendo game Super Mario Bros for the first time.

Many countries in that region are far more tribal in the countryside, leaving them without very much advanced technology such as video games. For many of the people in the video, this was the first time they’d played, though several of them said they’d played the game in arcade machines before.

The group also ranged across a wide variety of ages, ranging from fairly young people to at least one elderly man. The group had mixed success in completing the levels, with some managing to figure out the controls and get to the flagpole at the end, though others were unable to and ran out of lives.

The Super Mario Bros react video is only one of a very large genre of YouTube videos where people react to things, first popularized by the Fine brothers and their own React channel, which has several different categories of reacting including kids, teenagers, adults, the elderly, and YouTubers.

Reactions are quite typically mixed in regards to the elderly, but it’s good to see that in the video at least a few of the players admitted that they had fun playing it, even if some also say that they prefer various other games they might have played in the past.