Super Mario Bros 3 Will be Released to Wii U Virtual Console Next Week

Time to sharpen up those running and jumping skills again, Super Mario Bros 3 is back. The game that is often peddled as the best of Super Mario will be headed to Nintendo’s Japanese Wii U Virtual Console next week.

A post on the official website of Nintendo has confirmed that as promised, the game will be made available to all those who own a Japanese Wii U on December 25.

If you are looking forward to it, you will be able to get it on your Wii U for 500 yen.

Super Mario Bros 3 has not yet been released to the American and European eShops though it has been released to Japanese 3DS Virtual Console.

Fr the few among you who do not know, Super Mario Bros 3 takes the game a step further by adding flying and floating to the traditional running and jumping elements of the game.

Mario and Luigi, upon Princess Toadstool’s command are up against Bowser and his children who have stolen the king’s magic wand and are terrorizing the kings of Mushroom World.

Will you be visiting the 25 year old classic again?

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