Super Mario 3D World Power Ups, Suits and Items Guide

Super Mario 3D World offers a large arsenal of Power-Ups and Items to help you complete the game with relative ease. In addition to this, these Power-Ups and Items are not restricted to one character.

Super Mario 3D World Power Ups and Items

Power Ups not only provide powers to your characters, but also required to unlock new areas, get items or Green Stars. Below, you will find a complete list of Power-Ups and Items and how to use them:

Super Star
This allows you to make your character un-vanquishable for a short duration.

Mega Mushroom
Using this will enlarge your Mario into abnormally large size. This allows you to smash through enemies and objects without taking any damage.

Super Mushroom
It basically does what the name suggests; that is, making your character larger in size also known as Super Mario.

Fire Flower
Having Fire Flower on your character allows it to throw fireballs to take out the enemies.

Boomerang Flower
This is basically similar to Fire Flower in function. The only difference is that instead of fireballs, your character will throw boomerangs.

Super Leaf (Tanooki Suit)
Super Leaf puts Mario in the Tanooki Suit which allows it to float for longer durations of time and use spin to attack enemies.

Invincible Super Leaf
This one also puts Mario in the Tanooki Suit which then makes him immune to all in-coming enemy attacks.

Cannon Box
Cannon Box is a pretty lethal weapon which allows your character to shoot in-numerous Cannon Balls at enemies. Players will have their choice of either shooting multiple cannons or charged shots.

Propeller Box
This Item comes in really handy while trying to access unreachable areas as it allows your character to fly for higher altitude.

Super Bell (Cat Suit)
This allows you to have a Cat Suit for Mario which not only change the overall appearance but also the attacks and other things related to your character.

Double Cherry
This will allow you to have an exact replica of your character in the playing field.

Gold Coin
These coins will let you have an extra life by collecting one hundred of them.

Red/Blue/Green Coins
These coins can be collected throughout the game; the red one allows you to have a Power-Up whereas the green ones will lead you to the Green Star.

As the name itself suggests, this will allow you to receive bonus time for completing a level.

Green Star
These are sort of hidden collectibles that you will have to find to unlock certain areas and achieve 100% game completion status.

Stamps are like Green Stars in terms of being a hidden collectible but there number is much less than the Green Stars.

Ice Skate
This will allow you NOT to slip while walking on the icy areas. However, your jumping ability will be affected a bit.

Koopa Shells
These shells provide your characters a chance of traveling inside them and smash through enemies. Along with that, some of these shells are golden which provide your characters with tons of gold.

Goomba Mask
This one serves the purpose of being a disguise as the enemies will consider you one of their own and will not harm you.

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