Sunset Overdrive Weapon Leveling Tips, How to Level Up Fast

Sunset Overdrive has been out for a week now, and I’m sure every Insomniac Games fan is having a blast!

There is, however, one thing some people might have issues with, given the huge arsenal at player’s disposal, there aren’t a whole lot of opportunities to take all their weapons to maximum level (even my campaign ended with only four Level 5 weapons).

Well, it seems like there is a way players can gain easy levels for their weapons as well as earn a lot of badges.

So this trick requires players to have almost completed the campaign and unlocked the “Getting the Band Back Together” mission where players have to gather band members for a rock concert in order to gain favor with the Las Catrinas.

Once players get to the part where they have to bounce on 10 drums without touching the ground, instead of completing the objective all they have to do is just bounce around killing the endless hordes of OD.

Ammo shouldn’t be a problem here since the dead OD will continuously drop it. Weapons with area damage work best in this place such as Acid Sprinklers, TNTeddy and Flaming Compensator (because it can burn multiple OD at a time).

Since the OD keep on respawning and rushing the player, it is very easy to reach the 999 kill streak in this place and gather a lot of badges for upgrades.

When the player gets tired or think they have leveled up their weapons to the desired level, they can just complete the objective and return again whenever they want.

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