Sunset Overdrive Shoes Locations Map ‘Shoe Closet’ Guide

Sunset City has its fair share of weird objects dangling from rails and bars scattered throughout the city. If you think you have had enough with drapes of toilet papers, think again!

The city is also a home to wide array of smelly shoes dangling from rails and other structures. Now I cannot say what Floyd wants with these shoes, but he needs them for god knows what and it is your job to collect them.

While scaling buildings and other structures from below, you will find these shoes in plain sight – much like scraps of toilet papers.

You can jump down from a higher area or use Slam Bounce at your disposal to reach these shoes and untie them to add them to your collection.

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Sunset Overdrive Shoes Locations

Similar to Toilet Papers and Fizzie Balloons, there are a total of 150 shoes dangling from the wires and collecting them all will unlock Shoe Closet Achievement worth 10 Gamerscore.

Click to open high-res image of the map to find Shoes scattered through Sunset City:

Sunset Overdrive Shoes Locations Map

If you find something confusing, comment and we will help you out!

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