Sunset Overdrive Security Cameras Locations Map ‘Big Brother’ Guide

After putting the Sunset City on the brink of destruction at the hands of mutants, Fizzco is planning to put the whole city under their surveillance using CCTV cameras.

Only you can render their plans useless by destroying all the cameras they have deployed in the city. By doing so, you’ll not only be taking out your frustrating at Fizzco, but also supply Floyd with lens from these cameras which he will require.

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Sunset Overdrive Security Cameras Locations

Similar to Fizzie Balloons, you will find most of these cameras in easy to spot locations. Most of these CCTV cameras are installed near the corners of high rooftops or overlooking interesting spots.

When we talk about destroying these cameras, you can either shoot them from the ground or reach them for a quick melee attack. If any of these cameras are installed on rails, you can simply grind over them and they will be automatically destroyed.

Like I have mentioned above, most of the CCTV cameras can be found in obvious spots and pretty easy to find, some of them are pretty well hidden like in Train Stations, in narrow alleyways, and in basement of various buildings.

Similar to Scraps of Toilet Papers and Fizzie Balloons, there are a total of 150 CCTV cameras scattered throughout the Sunset City. Destroying all cameras in the city will net you Big Brother Achievement for 10 Gamerscore.

Click to open high-res image of the map to find Security Cameras scattered through Sunset City:

Sunset Overdrive Security Cameras Locations

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