Sunset Overdrive Scraps of Toilet Paper Locations Map ‘Litter’ Guide

You will come across all sorts of rubbish and junk in the Sunset City, including shoes and scraps of toilet papers hanging around the city.

You will come across toilet papers dangling from the rails in the air. These scarps can be collected by swinging near the rail they are on or passing extremely close to them.

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Sunset Overdrive Scraps of Toilet Papers Locations

Similar to Fizzie Balloons, collecting scraps of toilet papers are meant to test your maneuverability skills like Slam Bouncing into the air and using Bounce Pads.

Due to this fact, you will often find yourself flooded with Style Combo after collecting one of these collectibles. Like with Fizzie Balloons, there are a total of 150 scraps of toilet papers scattered across the Sunset City.

Finding all these collectibles will net you Litter Achievement worth 10 Gamerscore. Click to open high-res image of the map to find Scraps of Toilet Paper scattered through Sunset City:

Sunset Overdrive Scraps of Toilet Papers

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