Sunset Overdrive: Extensive Character Customization Detailed in New Video

San Diego Comic-Con today saw Microsoft releasing a new trailer for Sunset Overdrive, which showcases the game’s extensive character creation and customization process.

Players start off by selecting their preferred gender, ethnicity and body type from a wide array of options, which in all is pretty basic stuff for any game that features customization pallets. The next part about choosing your attire is what’s really impressive.

Thousands of choices will be spread out in front of players to choose from. These include an untold number of shirts, gloves, hair styles, shoes, cosmetics, tattoos and more. There’s a category for every part of the body that further branches out into different sections. There’s not a thing that you might think off which is not present in the game’s customization options.

All attires will be categorized into “buckets” that includes mainstream fashion, street fashion and costumes.

“We tried to hit different notes that you’d see in pop culture, trying to have like, your hip hop guy, your rock guy or country guy, and combining them all through our systems and creating different pieces,” lead character artist Gavin Goulden explained.

Sunset Overdrive can be purchased digitally through Xbox Live Marketplace, which will get you all the Day One Edition content as well as a new AMP. The new AMP that you will be getting is called “Scorched Earth,” which will produce lava blasts on the areas that you walk on and can prove to be a deadly trap against the unwary enemies.

Sunset Overdrive is scheduled for release on October 28 in North America and October 31 in Europe, exclusively for the Xbox One.

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