Sunset Overdrive 2 is Wanted by 61% of Xbox Players

Released back in 2014, Sunset Overdrive saw its fair share of praise and criticism on Xbox One. It was a fun, colorful shooter that took us away from the usual Blood and gore of traditional FPS games.

There are many who would like to see a sequel to the game, in fact, according to a recently held survey 61% of Xbox gamers would like to see another installment of Insomniac’s shooter.

Meanwhile, there are 27% fans who would love to see Ryse 2 on Xbox, while only 4% want D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die sequel.

  • Sunset Overdrive – 61%
  • Ryse – 27%
  • Ori and The Blind ForesT – 8%
  • D4: Dark DreaMs Don’T Die – 4%

Sunset Overdrive 2 is unlikely to be a Xbox exclusive so we can expect it to hit PlayStation 4 and PC as well. Phil Spencer has previously said that good things can always be revisited.

Meanwhile, developer Insomniac is yet to share anything related to its next project but we hope it is Sunset Overdrive 2. They have great relationship with PlayStation, they were behind Infamous series that is exclusive to PlayStation, so chances of Sunset Overdrive 2 on PS4 are high.

Would you like to see Sunset Overdrive 2? Or Ryse 2 should be next on your Xbox? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Xbox

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