Sundered Elder Shards Locations Guide

Sundered Elder Shards Locations Guide to help you find all the Elder Shards in the game which are required to unlock all the endings in the game.

Our Sundered Elder Shards Locations will help you unlock all the three possible endings in Sundered. It will also give you general tips and tricks about the game.

Sundered Elder Shards Locations

All of the endings in Sundered have something to do with Elder Shards so this guide will help you find these Elder Shards.

Ending #1: Nyarlathotep
Named after its final boss, this ending is by far the most common one. Achieving this ending is simple. Use at least one Elder Shard to corrupt an ability. Don’t use all 7, and don’t destroy all 7.

Ending #2: One with the Void
This is the corrupt ending of the game and it makes you face the final boss aptly named Humanity. To achieve this ending use all 7 Elder Shards to corrupt 7 abilities.

Ending #3: Beacon of Hope
This ending of Sundered is the pure ending, In this ending, you face the final boss The Shining Trapezohedron. For this ending, you need to destroy all 7 Elder Shards in the Furnace, found in Area #2.

Four of the Shards can be found by defeating the four main bosses. This Sundered guide gives you the location of the other three Elder shards.


Shard #1
This Shard is found in Arena 1 before the main boss battle. Find a room that is identical between deaths, the Shard should be in the top left corner of this room.

Shard #2
There is an extremely tall room with multiple exits on both sides in Region 2, this room is also identical between deaths and has an eye symbol on it. You should enter the room from the top right and slide down the wall to reach a secret alcove which will contain the Shard.

Shard #3
This Shard is in Region 3, you need to activate the high elevator shortcut and ride it to the top of the shaft. After this try to use your hooks to go further up until you find the last Shard.

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