Sucker Punch Hiring For A New Project?

UPDATE: John Austin, lead animator at Sucker Punch updates his Linkedin profile, confirming that he is working on an “unannounced AAA title 2021”.

Ghost of Tsushima’s release date is approaching fast with something more than two weeks left before we get to see it in action. What’s up next for Sucker Punch Productions? Is the studio working on something new? A listing points to them possibly be up to something.

Sucker Punch is no rookie when it comes to big surprises. The announcement of Ghost of Tsushima was one of those surprises. After its imminent launch, we’ll once again be on the hunt of what the studio is working on. Apparently, the studio is looking for a producer to add to its ranks. The listing points to this producer being responsible for a new project since it makes word of a “full cycle of video game development”. This most likely isn’t Ghost of Tsushima since the game is already gold. It reads:

The Producer will work with the production team and team leads across all areas of the project to manage the development process, including team scheduling and milestone planning, identifying dependencies and possible workflow blockages, facilitating communication across disciplines and identifying and managing high risk areas of production.

Experience managing a team through a minimum of one full cycle of video game development.

Since Playstation 5 is releasing in a few months, it wouldn’t be surprising if Sucker Punch is already working on a next-gen project. We’d love to see a new Infamous title for instance. This is a far-fetched scenario since Sony Interactive Entertainment has shifted its focus to more story-driven titles. However, a classic opening up for a new console is always a possibility.

For what it’s worth the Sucker Punch producer listing doesn’t offer any more information about that possibly new project. The position of a producer isn’t that specific to extract hints from it. We’ll get the possibility of the studio working on a new game as a hope for the future though.

Going back to what we know for sure, Ghost of Tsushima is releasing on July 17th. The game will be available exclusively on Playstation 4.

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