Subnautica Vehicles Guide – Vehicle Upgrades, Blueprints, How to Get

Subnautica Vehicles Guide to help you learn everything you need to know about all the different Vehicles in the game, Vehicles Blueprints, and more.

Subnautica is an open-world underwater RPG survival game that has been in Early Access for a long time. A good team of developers and a dedicated community has led to the creation of one of the most rememberable RPG game, Subnautica. Ever since it came out of Early Access, it has been given the best reviews and we do not blame the reviewers.

The game is amazing, looks beautiful and terrifying at the same time and it packs quite the longevity punch which most games struggle to achieve. You can also check out our PC Console Commands for more information.

Subnautica Vehicles

We have curated this Vehicles Guide for you so that you can easily identify and build each of these unique vehicles during your memorable journey through the vast underwater world of Subnautica.

This guide has everything you need to know about different vehicles, where you will find blueprints for them, how they can be upgraded and how you can use them more effectively.


Seaglide is the most basic means of transport in Subnautica. It is not really a vehicle but more of an accessory, which can be stored in your inventory. It has a propeller, which can convert torque into thrust.

It requires a battery to run which you will have to change often, as it will drain after being used for some time. Once you have located the blueprints for the Seaglide, you will get access to constructing one at a fabrication station.


You will be required to collect all the required parts for the Seaglide as well before constructing one. For making a Seaglide, you will require 1 Battery, 1 Lubricant, 1 Copper Wire and 1 Titanium. Once you have all the required parts, simply head to your nearest Fabricator and build a Seaglide.

After using it, you can put it back in your inventory. It has a top speed of 9.5 m/s. It also has some upgrades that you can perform later. These upgrades include Terrain map and Flashlight, which greatly help you explore the underwater world with ease.


Seamoth is a small submersible, which is a great upgrade to mobility when compared to the Seaglide. In addition to protection, it also gives advanced mobility and attack features through various upgrades. Seamoth comes with different options to upgrade and you can easily find blueprints and then craft the upgrade options to apply to the Seamoth.

Seamoth is also much faster than the Seaglide. It already has lights and it can move forward with a speed of 12.7 m/s. In reverse, it can reach speeds of 5. You can ascend at the speed of 11 and lateral speed is 11.5.

To construct a Seamoth, you must have a Mobile Vehicle Bay. If you do have a Mobile Vehicle Bay, you cannot build any of the vehicles in Subnautica. To build a Seamoth, you will need 1 Titanium Ingot, 1 Power Cell, 2 Glass, Lubricant, and Lead.

Once you have all the required parts, simply head to a Mobile Vehicle Bay and build your Seamoth. It comes with a plethora of upgrades, which include additional storage, Seamoth Sonar, Seamoth Perimeter Defense System, Hull Reinforcement, Engine Efficiency Module, Seamoth Solar Charger and Torpedo System. Each of these upgrades’ blueprints needs to be found before building the upgrades.

Prawn Suit

The Prawn Suit is your Mech equivalent of Subnautica. It is an armored bodysuit equipped with thrusters and multiple arm attachments and it is a vital vehicle for your journey. Just like the Prawn suit itself, all special arm attachments will have to craft before you can actually use them in your Prawn Suit.

To build a Prawn Suit, you will need 2 Plasteel Ingot, 2 Aerogel, Enameled Glass, 2 Diamond, and 2 Lead. Before you start building with these materials, you will also have to find the blueprint to all parts of the Prawn Suit.

When it comes to movement, it has 6m/s forward speed and 2.5m/s backward speed. You can use the thrusters to go up and the Prawn suit can only walk on the ocean bed. It cannot hover for a long time.

Prawn Suit has many upgrades including different arm attachments. Storage, Prawn Suit Thermal Reactor, Prawn Suit Jump Jet Upgrade, Prawn Suit Drill Arm, Prawn Suit Propulsion Cannon, Prawn Suit Grappling Arm and Prawn Suit Torpedo Arm.


Subnautica is the biggest vehicle that you will build in Subnautica. It is a huge industrial use submarine and you can build multiple items inside it. It allows you to survive in harsh biomes without the need of going back to surface for items. You can build different useful items inside the Cyclops such as plantations, Fabricators, etc.

To build a Cyclops, you will first collect all the blueprints required for it. Once complete, collect 3 Plasteel Ingots, 3 Enameled Glass, 1 Lubricant, 1 Advanced Wiring Kit and 3 Lead.

Once you’re ready to build, you can head to a Mobile Vehicle Bay to build your Cyclops. It comes with three-speed modes, extra lighting and external cameras for monitoring the environment around you.

This concludes our Subnautica Vehicles Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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