Stylish Platformer Monochroma Hits Steam On May 28

Developer Nowhere Studios has announced that its PC project Monochroma will release on Steam on May 28, 2014. It already managed to win some awards, such as the Best Independent Game at GameX.

Monochroma is a darkened puzzle platform game, provided in side-scrolling fashion with heavily shaded models and environments. Its world is mostly presented in black and white, along with red tones for extra effect.

This game is set in an alternate 1950’s world with a dystopian setting. A corporation, which is always behind every evil deed in video games, is setting this tone of a dreary mechanized environment that slowly encroaches on more rural ideals.

As such, Monochroma will be set in four chapters across environments such as dirty ghettos, sewers, industrial areas and even a city-sized zeppelin. This is accompanied by some sullen jazz tunes, in true noir fashion.

For its story, the puzzle platformer will use two brothers, of whom the player controls the bigger one. Big brother has to protect their younger sibling, who was injured and can’t walk on their own anymore.

This is also used to make the logic puzzles in locations a little trickier. For instance, a platform can be inaccessible, due to carrying the smaller child, but temporarily leaving them behind and getting around can provide a new path.

Developer Nowhere Studios is said to use their childhood memories and the Turkish Gezi Protests as an inspiration for the game’s story.

We’re definitely liking the look of Monochroma already. Just a few more weeks until you can see the game in action.

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