Crystal Dynamics Opens A New Studio To Work On Avengers Project

There’s a lot of hype for Avengers game since last year when Square Enix and Marvel announced that they are working on an Avengers game which they are referring to as Avengers Project for now. Surprisingly yesterday, Crystal Dynamics announced that they have created a new studio to work further on the game.

Crystal Dynamics announced that they have created a new studio called Crystal Northwest, based in Bellevue and the main objective of the team is to work on the development of The Avengers Project which everyone is waiting for. The former member of Gas Powered Games, Chad Queen is the head of Crystal Northwest and James Loe is also there, who’s known for his work in the gaming industry for over 20 years.

Vincent Napoli, lead designer of God Of War has also joined the team along with co-founder of Dead Space, Ben Wanat and many more.

We have strengthened our teams and created a new, talented studio to bring the best gaming experiences to our players, We have assembled a team of veterans and industry leaders to create gaming experiences that exceed the expectations of our passionate community.

Our new studio in Bellevue and the new hires at Redwood Shores reflect our ongoing commitment to the most ambitious project we have ever created. We will continue to build on the fantastic growth that Crystal Dynamics has seen in recent years, and we look forward to providing fans around the world with an unforgettable Avengers experience.

With the latest update and additions, Crystal Dynamics contains some of the most known and successful developers which guarantees us a game we all would love to play.

Well, we really hope that this Avengers Project game turns out to be a superhero movie that we are waiting for just like Spiderman as there have been rumours that the upcoming Avengers game is an Ultimate Alliance Reboot which will be very disappointing if it turns out to be true.

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