Stronghold: Warlords Units Guide

Stronghold: Warlords feature various types of units that will assist you in your adventure to take control and build insurmountable defenses. In this Stronghold: Warlords Units guide, we’ll be showing you exactly what each unit is capable of.

Stronghold: Warlords Units

Whichever Warlord you choose, the following units will be available through their different buildings and you will need to construct those structures in order to spawn and use these units.


Blowpipe Tribesman
All you need to recruit these units are gold and no weapons. They will be firing darts that deal a medium amount of damage to unarmored units. However, they don’t do much against units with medium/heavy armor.

While they’re not ideal for eliminating the opposition entirely, they can fairly well hold a point by harassing enemies and taking out any workers on the enemy force. Combine it with a spear tribesman, and you’re looking at a pretty deadly combo.

Spear Tribesman
The Spear Tribesman is yet another unit that requires no weapon for recruitment. All you need is gold, and you’re good to go. He is a close-ranged combatant that can effectively take down unarmored enemies when combined with the Blowpipe Tribesman.

They’re fast and can pick out strays to thin out the opposing force. You can also use the spear tribesmen to pick away at walls and make quick work of enemy traps. Be careful of his relatively low health though.

Auxiliary Axeman
The axeman requires you to get an axe from the armory and a little gold before you can get started. He’s as fast as the spear tribesman but has a relatively high DPS.

With a greater health pool and the ability to deal a good amount of damage to medium armor, he’s a good candidate when you’re starting off with the game, thanks to the low resources required to set him up.

Should the axeman find himself squaring off with a crossbowman, he won’t last for too long. Avoid running into traps or heavy armored units as well.

Auxiliary Archer
Archers are great supports for your other melee units, as they can help in chipping away at enemies and provide that extra damage.

They’re agile and have a high rate of fire but only effective against non-armored units. They’re good to hold down specific points on defense and can attack as well if the positioning is done right. They have low health and can be easily countered by the imperial crossbowman.

Imperial Bannerman
The Imperial Bannerman is a heavy-armored individual and is expensive in terms of the resources you need to deploy it. His longsword will see him cutting through enemies fairly easily and can make surrounding units able to absorb more damage.

You can position them on the top of towers to help increase your ranged units’ efficiency.

Imperial Crossbowman
Crossbowmen are an expensive unit and require you to grab a crossbow and armor from the armory and some gold. You’ll find them the most efficient at ranged thanks to their great armor and high damage. They are easily able to wipe the field of weaker units, taking them down in single hits even.

Imperial Warrior
The Imperial Warrior requires swords and armor to be made from the armory and a hefty amount of gold. They’re proficient combatants but slow. Once they close the distance between them and their enemies, they are able to absolutely wipe the floor. They’re even able to fight their way out of a sticky situation.

Imperial Guardsman
You’ll need to get a heavy mace, armor and some gold to deploy these heavy units. They’re slow but are extremely tanky and can face off against a large number of units. A good combination with the other Imperial units will ensure a great amount of DPS to the enemy units. You can use their ability to swing in an arc that will hit many enemies at once.

Military Academy

Horse Archer
You’ll find the House Archer to be nimble and extremely mobile. He’ll fire his bow from his horse on enemies at a large distance. The thing that makes this unit exceptional is its ability to fire whilst mobile on his horse.

The General is a considerably expensive unit that requires a whopping hundred gold to get on your side. He brings his combat expertise and a lot of utility to the front-line.

He’s slow but has a very large health pool and able to deal a lot of heavy damage. He can very easily deal with various heavy combatants easily.

You’ll find his abilities most effectively utilized in groups where he is able to boost his allies. Pair him up with heavy units to get the most out of your encounter.

Fire Lancer
Fire Lancers are fast and equipped to unleash lethal amounts of gunpowder on their enemies to deal damage over time as they light them on fire.

Since he’s a light unit, you’ll find him easily defeated should you make the smallest mistake. We prefer using the Fire Lancer on defense instead of putting him up on the offense.

The Samurai is an expensive mercenary unit in Stronghold: Warlords that is equal to the general when it comes to combat. He can easily slice through inferior enemies and hold his ground easily but is incredibly slow.

He’s able to ram into targets which can inflict a lot of damage. Other than his offensive capabilities, he’s able to withstand fire and melee strikes fairly easily.

Siege Units

Utilize Laddermen to get past walls and break enemy defenses. Useful for eliminating archers that are chipping away at your troops. Keep in mind that only macemen, spearmen, and archers will be able to scale walls. Don’t take off the ladder while someone’s climbing it, as it will lead to their ultimate demise.

When you buy a Catapult, you’ll be able to use their 20 rocks to fire. Once you run out, you’ll have to refill them. Stones that land on units and siege engines will eliminate them instantly.

Fire Ox
The Fire Ox is basically a glorified one-trick unit. Push it into an area with a large concentration of enemies and blow it up. This will light buildings on fire and gunpowder traps; pretty good for spoiling an otherwise strong enemy defense.

Mantlets can be used to protect yourself from enemy archers. Your units will be able to fire through it, but your opposition will not. They will fall after taking a sufficient amount of damage and will be destroyed extremely quickly by melee attacks.

Fire Arrow Cart
The Fire Arrow Cart is a siege unit that can effectively wipe the floor with grouped up units. They require a lot of time to be repositioned, so make sure they’re planned ahead of time for effectiveness. It has a long reload time so make sure it has ample support for it to constantly dish out AoE damage.

Rocket Launcher
You’ll need hundreds of golds before you can get the Rocket Launcher as a part of your siege resources. They have a long-range and can hit targets for a high amount of damage.

You can easily use them to take control of towers that are harassing your troops. Utilize them to destroy towers and create pathways for your enemies to charge right through.

Siege Tower
The Siege Tower is worked by four engineers at a time and is made with a drawbridge to deploy onto enemy walls, which allows your soldiers to climb the walls using the tower.

You will not be able to move the unit once it’s docked. Since it’s slow to get where it needs to be, make sure it’s properly guarded until it can serve its purpose.

The Trebuchet will need three engineers to operate and can be used to wipe out buildings and enemies from a distance. You won’t have to worry about enemies getting to it as it can be placed at a fairly large distance amidst your units’ safety.

Use it to take care of any grouped-up units and create a path for your allies. It’s also effective to bomb towers and wipe out any enemies within. You can even throw dead animals to spread diseases, and it doesn’t get better than that.

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