Stronghold: Warlords Perk Upgrades Guide

Stronghold: Warlords is a Real-Time-Strategy game with many warlords on the map. AI controls these warlords, but your opponents are not necessarily AI. Our Stronghold: Warlords Perk Upgrade guide will help you obtain the necessary upgrades using diplomacy points or military force.

Stronghold: Warlords Perk Upgrades

Stronghold: Warlords includes a unique twist, i.e., the neutral warlords on the field. These warlords keep a small group of guards around them and stay at the exact location. You can either win them over through diplomacy or take them out by force.

Usage of Military Dominance

For military dominance, you are required to dominate the warlord’s area with your unit. You need to take down his guards and then drain out his health. Once the warlord’s health is depleted, he will bow down. You are required to move one of your infantry units next to him and make him submit completely.

Warlords are good in fights; therefore, you can expect some of your tiers to get damaged. You don’t have to worry about your Ranged units getting hit. Ranged units do not cause a lot of damage. Remember that your cavalry units are incapable of climbing the keep’s stairs.

Also, note that your actual opponent in the game will bring along hostile units that will try to claim your neutral/allied warlord area.

Usage of Diplomacy Points

Diplomacy points are a fantastic way to dominate a warlord. Diplomacy points are generated with time, although you can speed them up as well. This can be done by building Consulate and Embassy buildings.

You can assign your diplomacy points by clicking on the warlord’s panel and selecting a particular target. Once you have reached a specific requirement, you will be able to obtain the warlord’s obedience. A progress bar will form, and it complete after some time.

It would be best if you kept in mind that AI can also use Diplomacy Points to counter your progress. If you have the panel open during the match, then this counterattack will happen in real-time.

Types of Warlords and Leveling up tips

In this game, the warlords that you will encounter are all pre-assigned. You can change these warlords easily in skirmish matches. You have to be careful about the battles that you face; certain warlords will be easier to take down through military points than diplomacy points and vice versa.

The military option seems to be more manageable as it does not require you to monitor two different screens simultaneously.

You will obtain bonuses from the warlords after demanding their obedience in the game. Diplomacy points will come in handy here as well.

This will also help you activate their specialties or level them up. Note that you will have to upgrade a warlord’s castle to make it safer from enemy attacks at specific points.

Warlord Perks

Below are mentioned the warlord types in Stronghold: Warlords along with their perks.

The specialty focus of this warlord is its castle defense. The main perk of this warlord is that it focuses on protecting the walls to protect them from enemy attacks. It is pretty easy to capture this warlord through the military, and the diplomatic capture points are 120.

The specialty focus of Tiger is Auxiliary and imperial units. The main perk involved is the strength of its infantry units. The military capture of this warlord is complex, and the diplomatic capture points are 200.

This warlord focuses on rice, wood, meat, and vegetable shipments. Its main perk is that it boosts your diplomacy points. The military capture difficulty is medium, and the diplomatic capture points are 120.

The specialty focuses of this warlord are iron, stone, and wood shipments. Its perks are that it increases resources dropped off by workers. The military capture difficulty is medium with 100 diplomatic capture points.

The specialty focuses of this warlord are rice and wood shipments. It increases the rice dropped off by workers. The military capture is easy with 40 diplomatic capture points.

The specialty focus of this warlord is cavalry units, increasing the horses’ spawn rates. The military capture is relatively easy, and the diplomatic capture points are 120.

These fire-based military units increase fear factor bonuses. The military capture is challenging, and the diplomatic capture points are 250.

This warlord provides diplomacy points as well as gold. The main perk is that it increases housing quality. The military capture is easy, and the diplomatic capture points are 250.

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