Stronghold: Warlords Essential Tips

Our Stronghold: Warlords Tips Guide takes a dig into all the tips and tricks that you should follow to come out on top of the Stronghold: Warlords Iteration. In our guide below, we’ll walk you through some of the tips and tricks that you should keep in mind throughout the whole playthrough.

Stronghold: Warlords Essential Tips

Stronghold: Warlords is the brand-new iteration in the Stronghold franchise that features exciting multiplayer battles and skirmishes. So, let’s begin!

Prioritize Layouts

There are assorted resources that you have to manage in Stronghold: Warlords.

Apart from the ones listed in the game, time is of leading importance. Whether it’s the collection of resources, manufacture of weapons and goods, or transportation of these weapons and goods to their respective storages, time is an important asset.

Make sure your buildings are positioned in the right places in order to minimize the travel time between one building to the other.

Furthermore, you can acquire some resources only at specific locations. So, estimate the optimal distance and position the storage buildings accordingly in your layout.

Some buildings like farms, a weapons manufacturer, and an armor manufacturer can be placed pretty much anywhere.

So, try and place the weapons and armor manufacturer close to the stockpiles of the raw materials as well as to the armory where they’ll drop off their finished products.

Additionally, the way you set up your layout can make your enemies make certain decisions or head in certain directions throughout the battle, allowing you to keep an upper hand on the battle.

Using layered walls to create kill boxes, placing stairs at crucial junctions for quick access, and using towers to extend the reach and protection of all your ranged units are some of the good considerations that you can keep in mind while designing your layout.

Training Troops

In Stronghold: Warlord, you either have the equipment, buildings, and the population to produce a unit, or you don’t.

Some cultures grant you access to specific units while some campaign levels have restrictions on certain units.

However, for accessing the available units, all you need are people to recruit, the weapons and gold to arm them, and the right place to train them.

For instance, if you want to build a swordsman, you need to focus on swordsmiths and armorers.

Without a tech tree, you will have full access to your military composition depending on how fast you can produce the required materials.

You can check out what a unit needs when you go on to recruit it. Thus, you can plan accordingly.

Moreover, given that you meet up with the requisites, you can recruit units at any time you prefer.

It means you can recruit based on the enemy army headed your way and recruit when reinforcements are needed.

However, in order to get access to the units as soon as possible, make sure to place the recruitment structures in appropriate spots so that they can respond to the evolving circumstances.

Also, make sure to keep your armory well-protected. After all, a swordsman can not exist without a sword!

It’s a Popularity Contest

Popularity is affected by a variety of factors. The more popular you are, the faster you’ll gain access to people who’ll serve as workers or warriors for you.

On the contrary, if your popularity turns negative, your population will drop over time, meaning that you’ll have fewer workers and warriors available.

Tax rates, food rations, t-rations, and clothes are the basic elements you can adjust to maintain the popularity levels.

You can switch these elements around as required to meet your current needs and accumulate resources.

For example, if you need to build more houses but you can’t afford them, you can let your popularity drop down to make more money, or store away the various resources.

Then, if you ever feel the need to boost your popularity quickly, you can go on and drop your tax rates because you have money stored aside.

This balancing act can come in pretty handy when it comes to emergency economic situations.

Furthermore, it’s good to build higher-quality houses for a more permanent boost to popularity.

Though it might not be enough on its own, for the minimal extra cost in wood, the boost is worth consideration.

Also, you need to take into account the fear factor. Using certain buildings, you can show your subjects that you are either a benevolent lord or a tyrant.

So, your popularity level will depend upon the types of buildings that you build.

Finally, don’t forget to keep all of your resources in check. You don’t run out of your essential resources now, do you?

Conquering and Using Warlords

No matter what game mode you’re playing, there will be a diverse range of warlord types for you and your opponent to conquer.

Each warlord falls under a certain designation and can help your cause in different ways.

Apart from providing resources, warlords can also mount attacks based on your orders, provide buffs to your warriors and workers, and repair all your walls, etc.

Moving on, some warlords are easier to conquer while some are much difficult.

The best way to conquer a warlord is to attack them until their HP drops down to zero, and then send a soldier to stand next to them.

Putting up a ranged unit for the task of whittling down the health of a warlord is the slowest but the safest option.

In addition to this, warlords have different types of armor. Those wearing robes can be quickly whittled down while those with armor will need to be attacked by a swordsman or higher.

However, be careful not to attack a warlord with underleveled soldiers as they will get butchered.

Even with the right soldiers, you should always look to outnumber the warlord and his companions as they can take on quite a few opponents at a time.

Once you defeat a warlord, all of his remaining soldiers will fight for you.

Now, if you’re going to rely on warlords, ensure to build consulates and embassies to generate the diplomacy points you need to take advantage of conquered warlords.

Moreover, you can use diplomacy points to turn a warlord to your side. Though this process takes time, it can be helpful in acquiring the warlords that are out of military reach.

Focus Fire

Whether you’re launching an offensive or defending against an enemy attack, try to focus on specific targets. This is especially useful for ranged soldiers.

If your soldiers are allowed to pick targets at will, they will take on the targets that are most convenient to strike.

This means that sometimes, your archers will be firing at the armored foes who won’t even tickle while if the archers have had attacked the enemies climbing up the ladders, they could be pretty useful to the overall defense of your base.

Furthermore, the elimination of the enemy’s ranged units and enemy ladders should be your top priority.

Enemy’s ranged units can take out your ranged units while ladders (especially in large numbers) allow your opponents to climb up your walls and take over your base.

It’s also important for you to station your melee units right at the points where these ladders are. Otherwise, be ready to experience a massacre!

Moreover, you should use your towers as a boost for your ranged units as they will be able to shoot even further than your enemy ranged units.

Lastly, picking the right targets and picking the right attacker for the set targets can be the difference between a victory and a defeat.