Stronghold Crusader 2 Cheats, Achievements and Unlocks

Stronghold Crusader 2 has all sorts of challenges for those who want to unlock all the achievements and rewards.

Stronghold Crusader 2 Cheats, Achievements

Following is the list of achievements you can unlock by completing the objectives:

Lionheart Campaign
Complete “Lionheart” campaign

Preparations Campaign
Complete Preparations campaign

Saladin Campaign
Complete “Saladin” campaign

All Knight Long
Have 100 mounted knights at your command

Animal Air Strike
Throw 100 animals

50 towers, 50 hovels

Arms Dealer
Send 500 weapons to allies

Assassin’s Deed
Kill the enemy lord with an assassin

Clear Passage
All trade caravans survive in “Robber Baron” within the “Delivering Justice” campaign

5 multiplayer wins

Demolition Man
Destroy 1,000 buildings

Farmer King
Deliver 100,000 food to the granary

Fetchez la Vache!
Kill a lord with a diseased cow

Forge Lord
Deliver 10,000 weapons to the armoury

Industry Baron
Deliver 100,000 resources to the stockpile

Iron Will
Win a skirmish trail mission only recruiting melee troops

Let None Stand in my Way
Kill 50 enemy lords

Lion Tamer
Kill 5 lions with a slave driver

Loyal Companion
Complete “Alliance” within the “Breath of the Infidel” skirmish trail without your ally dying

Heal your lord to half health from the brink of death

Generate 1,000,000 gold

Not So Magnificent Seven
Win a multiplayer against 7 other lords with no alliances

Skirmish Baron
Complete “Desert Heat” skirmish trail

Skirmish Duke
Complete “Way of the Warrior” skirmish trail

Skirmish King
Complete “Hell’s Teeth” skirmish trail

Skirmish Knight
Complete “Breath of the Infidel” skirmish trail

Skirmish Prince
Complete “A Trail of Tears” skirmish trail

Skirmish Yeoman
Complete “Baptism” skirmish trail

Complete “Antioch” within the “Lionheart” campaign in less than 10 minutes

Stealth is our Defense
Complete “Justice” within the “Saladin” campaign without losing any assassins

Complete “The Lion’s Den” within the “Preparations” campaign on hard without training any units

Take the Bull by the Horns
Complete “The Horns of Hattin” within the “Freedom Fighters” campaign in less than 10 minutes

The Killing Joke
Kill a jester

Warrior 1st Class
Kill 50,000 troops

Warrior 2nd Class
Kill 10,000 troops

Warrior 3rd Class
Kill 1,000 troops

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You Win or You Die
Kill an enemy lord with your lord

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