Stronghold 3 Errors and Fixes

When a long-standing fan base expects an old franchise to make a return to its roots, you can expect few things go wrong especially when the expectations are so high. Same has been the case with Stronghold 3 – failing to live up to the expectations of the fans resulting in major dissatisfaction. Reasons ? balancing issues and bugs. Below we have listed all these Stronghold 3 Errors and Fixes.

You can always expect PC games to experience day one bugs, glitches and graphics issues – Rage for one had so many of these and same is the case for Stronghold 3. Which has resulted in negative reaction by the fans towards the developer but what’s good about Firefly I think is, they are silently reading all the criticism without moderating anything.

Stronghold 3 Errors and Fixes

They are letting fans to vent it while they work to fix all the issues. I also came across few of these issues, while doing my play test so basically I am just following up workarounds that helped me. Some are of these issues are really game code related which should be fixed with few updates by the developer.

Anyway, you can try these workarounds to fix all the frustrating crashes, lag, performance and graphics issues with Stronghold 3.

1# Failed To Initialize Engine
If you are trying to play Stronghold 3 on a laptop with ability to switch between default Intel graphics card and your external graphics card, you will get this error. Alienware Mx17 for one, has this option so people with that gaming laptop may find themselves encountering this error when they try to play Stronghold 3. To fix this:

  • Open Device Manager
  • Expand Display Adapters
  • Disable (Lower End) Intel Display Adapter

2# How to Fix French Language Problem
Restart the Steam Client

3# Controls Get Bugged ? Units Get Stuck ?
Save the game, relaunch and load the save game to fix it. Just a temporary workaround while the developer removes the bugs causing this behavior.

4# Where To Find Map Editor?
Go to local game folder – stronghold3/bin/win32_release/mapeditor.exe

5# How To Enable V-Sync
Go to the install folder in Steam. then click on “bin” folder then click on “win32_release”. Look for file called “config.xml” open it up to enable V-sync.

6# Stronghold 3 Multiplayer Doesn’t Start
Fixed now.

7# Multiplayer Connection Issues
If you can’t join a party to start a multiplayer game in Stronghold 3, you may want to look at your connection settings and security programs you have installed because it may be due to any of these blocking the connection.

To be on the safe side, add Stronghold 3 in firewall exceptions list and disable security programs when you play Stronghold 3. If it doesn’t resolve your issue fully, it will surely reduce it.

8# Stronghold 3 Crashes and Bugs
If you are experiencing random crashes and bugs, wait for the patch – Stronghold 3 will get an update today/tomorrow to fix all the launch day bugs.

9# Menu Items Mislabeled

10# The Game is Currently Unavailable – Steam
Log out and log-back-in to resolve this known bug.

11# Stronghold 3 Doesn’t Start
It’s one of those Steam related known issues that pop-up in every game once in a while and the fix is simple – Verify the integrity of the game files.

12# Stronghold 3 Black Screen
This may be either resolution related or caused by old drivers. You can force change Stronghold 3 resolution by editing the config or update your graphics card drivers to fix this issue. To force change resolution by editing config:

  • Open the folder [Install Directory]\Steam\steamapps\common\stronghold3\bin\win32_release
  • Open the file “config.xml” (Using notepad)
  • Change line 3:

resolution width=1024 height=768

to your native desktop resolution and try again to run the game as normal.

This may also be caused by the switchable graphics card option that your laptop may have – fix is to change the graphic setup from “switchable” to “mono”, so that only the better graphic card can be used.

13# Stronghold 3 is Laggy
If you are experience this in single-player mode, you should tweak your graphics down to make sure smooth gameplay and if you are experiencing this in multiplayer mode, you should check your connection settings. One setting that you should lower is the Shadows quality.

If you come across any other issues, you can comment and I will try to help you out.

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