Street Fighter V DLC Gets Darkstalkers Costume Set

The Darkstalkers fans have been kept on hold for quite long by Capcom but finally, they are going through with a new DLC based on the fighting game series. Capcom has announced a costume set for Street Fighter V Arcade Edition in their fresh upcoming DLC which is themed on the Darkstalkers installments.

Just when the fans of Darkstalkers were looking to be after a lost cause, Capcom has decided to give them something to cherish about by adding themed costumes to Street Fighter V. Six new costumes are coming up in the DLC bundle for Street Fighter V Arcade Edition on 25 September.

The price for the Street Fighter V Arcade Edition costume DLC set is at $14.99. These suits would enable players to give their Street Fighter characters more of a Darkstalkers flavor. The suits have been featured in the Darkstalkers Bundle trailer on Youtube for preview.

Urien is going to be given the Donovan costume in Street Fighter V DLC. Chun-Li will have the Morrigan suit whereas Juri will be given the Lilith costume. However, Ed can be seen in the Dimitri costume for Street Fighter V Arcade Edition.

On the other hand, the purpose behind Menat being awarded two costumes in the DLC set is quite unclear. Players can play Street Fighter V Arcade Edition with Menat in action while wearing either the Felicia costume and the Khaibit suit.

Capcom has been adding such crossover suit from other franchises to make Street Fighter V more relatable to other gamers as well. Capcom came up with a similar DLC pack which featured costumes available for Ken, Ibuki and Mika added from the Monster Hunter World series in Street Fighter V.

Perhaps, We should keep expecting such content every once in a while to come out for Street Fighter V Arcade Edition featuring suits from various video game series of Capcom.

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