Street Fighter V Arcade Mode Might Be Releasing Soon

Some recently data-mined information from Street Fighter V reveals that the game might soon be getting an Arcade mode alongside tons of new content. The information comes from X-Kira, well known in Street Fighter V insider information circuits although their information doesn’t always turn out to be true.

According to X-Kira’s data mined Street Fighter V info, the game is not only getting an Arcade Mode after more than a year since release, but the update will also add new costumes and stage slots. However, until there is any official confirmation this information should be treated as a rumor.

Apparently, alongside Street Fighter V Arcade mode, the game will also be getting new costume slots for Bison, Ibuki, Guile and Karin. On top of these, the update seems to be adding two new stages and an Abigail themed bonus round. For those who don’t know, Abigail is the recent addition to the game’s character roster and features the highest vitality in the game.

While this information should be taken with a grain of salt, X-Kira is claiming that they managed to get the Arcade game mode up and running. It is possible that they will soon upload a video showcasing the game mode, which is usually in fighting games at launch but took Capcom one and a half year to implement in Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter V may not have been as big of a commercial or critical hit as many had hoped, but Capcom seems to be committed to their original promise of one complete game platform instead of releasing a new version every few years. Back in July during SDCC, they revealed a new costume for Laura, finally a SFW one, which will be coming to the game alongside outfits for Rashid and Ibuki.

All of these costumes are sports themed.

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