Street Fighter 6 World Tour is the Size of A Single Game

After the reveal of Start Fighter 6 during Sony’s State of Play, we have been getting informative bits about the game from various sources. Now, a detailed interview with IGN Japan has provided some interesting details about the game.

Talking with IGN Japan, Shuhei Matsumoto revealed that the New “World Tour” will be as big in volume as a single-player title. Rough translation of the interview says:

WORLD TOUR isn’t really a bonus mode at all, it’s really about the volume of a single title, and that’s how we put that kind of power in. SO WHEN YOU PUT TOGETHER FIGHTING GROUND AND BATTLE HUB — BATTLE HUB IS A LITTLE BIT MORE THAN COMMUNICATION. It’s a project that is really about making three titles. It’s a lot of trouble for the producers, but… (Laughs).

So if we talk about action single-player games these days. Their content can range from 10-12 hours. So even if the World Tour Mode offers as anything close to that, it will be a treat for the fans. He further revealed that the other two game modes for Street Fighter 6 are also quite extensive. So producers felt like as if they are making three separate games in one. Cool, right?

As for World Tour mode, Matsumoto further revealed that the Metro City is only the first are for World Tour and that we can expect plenty more after that. In the same interview, director Takayuki Nakayama has told that the scope of the game hasn’t changed much since the original proposal (92-page) for Street Fighter 6:

When we make a game, the content of the plan often changes along the way, and various elements are cut down, but this time there wasn’t much of that. There was almost nothing different from that 92-page proposal, and we were able to keep these three pillars that we wanted to do from the beginning.

So it seems like that Capcom is planning to bring a lot of content for the game. It would be great if most of this content is present at launch and DLCs feature no more than new fighters.

Upon being asked on whether the old Street Fighter characters will be making an appearance in Street Fighter 6 World Tour Mode, Nakayama said, “Well, I’m making Street Fighter.” While this is not a confirmation, we can assume that we will be seeing those characters in some form in World Tour.

Apart from World Tour, there are plenty of other small details about the game in the interview so if you are interested, you should definitely check it out. If your Japanese is not good, a simple translation will give you the gist of the whole discussion.

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