Street Fighter 6 Characters List Spotted in a Screenshot [Update]

It seems like now the full roster for Street Fighter 6 has been leaked. This time, we also have art images of the full roster. You can check them out here.

Original Story
Street Fighter 6, announced back in February, was a major highlight from yesterday’s State of Play by Sony Interactive Entertainment. We got to learn some new things about the game and also received some new screenshots. Naturally, fans are quite eager to know about the list of fighters (roster) they would get with the launch of the game.

While we saw 4 characters, Ryu, Luke, Chun-Li, Jamie in action which are also the only official characters announced so far, one of the screenshots released by Capcom has apparently slipped some more characters from Street Fighter 6 roster. The screenshot I am talking about is this:

Street Fighter 6 battle hub

As you can see, the screenshot gives us a view of the battle hub mode where we are supposedly going to customize and manage our custom characters/fighters. If you zoom-in on the screenshot and look at extreme left, you will see a display screen showing even counter. Here, you can see different match-ups between different fighters. Naturally, one can expect these fighters to be in the roster for Street Fighter 6. Here is the list Street Fighter 6 characters we can see in the screenshot:

  • Jamie
  • Ryu
  • Chun Li
  • Blanka
  • Luke
  • Juri
  • Zangief
  • Guile
  • Cammy
  • E.Honda
  • Dhalsim
  • Lily
  • Kimberly

So these Street Fighter 6 Characters are the ones that are relatively easily visible. A couple of characters in the list are hard to read. You might have a better luck deciphering them. As you can see from the list, we have a mix of old and new characters. Once concerning thing here is that while we have some famous fighters listed in this roster, Ken is missing. This has lead fans to believe that he might not show up in the launch roster of SF6 and could be a DLC character.

Street Fighter 5 was launched with 16 fighters and here, we have a list of 13. So we shouldn’t be worrying just yet as he might eventually be in the roster. Recently, we also heard that Fei Long might not return for Street Fighter 6. As for the characters revealed so far, Ryu seems to be the best in design. I am not sure if it’s only me but Chun Li in Street Fighter 6 seems a little weird.

Street Fighter 6 doesn’t have a release date yet. However, Capcom has revealed that it will be available in 2023. We are sure that Cacpom will have more to share in coming months. The good news however, is that the game is also release on Xbox platforms along with PlayStation and PC. While the game will be available on PlayStation 4, it seems like that the game will be missing an Xbox One release.

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