Street Fighter 5 About To Receive Two New Characters

Capcom has no plans to relinquish content support for Street Fighter 5, at least not yet. Following nearly three years of multiple expansion and add-on packs, the developer still has something up its sleeve.

While speaking at the Brazil Game Show (via EventHubs) earlier this week, producer Yoshinori Ono revealed that certain announcements will be made in November and December. Hence, players are asked to be patient until then.

He specifically teased those announcements to be for new characters in the playable roster, while also mentioning new content that looks to be related to an array of tournament costumes for the entire cast.

“You wanna see new characters, right? You want new content too, I’m sure that’s what you’re all thinking,” said Ono. “We’re going to have new information to present to you in regards to that at the Capcom Cup North American Finals in November, and at Capcom Cup in December.”

The Capcom Cup North American Finals will take place November 16-17, whereas the Capcom cup is scheduled for December 13-15. Capcom will likely announce one of the new characters in November and the second in December. In addition, they are likely going to be made available in Street Fighter 5 immediately after their respective announcements.

Street Fighter 5 set to receive new characters was something that the community was already expecting. Capcom just made that official. The ongoing fourth season currently boasts four new characters: Kage, Poison, Lucia, and E. Honda. In comparison, previous seasons have all featured six characters. Hence, Capcom was safely assumed to be saving up the remaining two characters for a later announcement for Street Fighter 5.

As for what new characters to expect, nobody knows. Capcom hasn’t shied away from introducing new characters in Street Fighter 5 as well as returning characters from both recent and older installments. That being said, it seems unlikely that any more characters are going to make their debut in Street Fighter 5. Capcom wouldn’t have sat on completely new characters all this time. Hence, the upcoming two characters of the fourth season have likely appeared in the franchise or those running adjacent in the past.

Street Fighter 5 will be four years old in February 2020. Some players feel that the time is right for Capcom to come out with a new installment. However, many would beg to disagree. Street Fighter 5 still has a lot of life to it. There seems to be little reason to move on at this point without moving on just for the sake of it. At the very least, Street Fighter 5 can easily endure another two years before the franchise decides to embrace the next generation.

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