Street Fighter 5 New Stage, M. Bison Alternative Costume Outed

If you are still hurting that R. Mika’s buttslap had been censored in Street Fighter 5, or that Capcom thinks it was unacceptable and uncomfortable to keep the move in the game, here’s something to cheer you up: a new stage and an alternative costume for the good old M. Bison!

A photo has been leaked online of an interview that the game’s director Takayuki Nakayama and producer Yoshinori Ono gave to a magazine. Alongside the interview, there are a couple of pictures of both the game developers as well as some in-game photos.

One of those in-game photos apparently shows off a new stage that might get introduced to Street Fighter 5, but that is not all. You also get a glimpse of a new alternative costume for M. Bison as he stands ready to strike the opponent in a fight.

We are adding the said image below so that you can see for yourself. However, from the looks of it we are assuming that the in-game image has been taken from an earlier build of the game because the current graphics quality of the title is supposed to be much better than that.

AS far as the stage is concerned, you will agree that it does give off the feeling of something that could be connected to F.A.N.G – but let’s wait for more on this before we make up our minds.

Street Fighter 5

In older news regarding the game, it has been reported that Capcom is bringing the fighting sensation to Steam OS as well, apart from the usual PC and PS4 release of the game

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