Street Fighter 5 Laura Guide – How to Play, Combos, Tips to Play Against and Counter

Laura Matsuda is one of the 4 new playable characters in Street Fighter V – and the first new female character. Following Blanka and her younger brother Sean; Laura is the 3rd Brazilian fighter in the game.

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Street Fighter 5 Laura Guide

This guide details tips on playing as and against Laura Matsuda along with some basic combos and juggles listed to help you out!

How to Play as Laura

One of the most devastating and frustrating attacks at Laura’s disposal is her unblockable Sunset Wheel command throw. Using the attack, you can easily cause your opponents to panic and make mistakes and get punished by you.

Players are highly likely to play defensive against Laura which is why you need to weigh your options, learn your opponent’s playstyle, get in close and use your unblockable.

However, there are some things that you need to bear in mind! Firstly, if your opponent backdashes away, go with a standing HP backdash catch.

Secondly, if you are aware of the fact that your opponent has access to an invincible reversal, you should always be prepared to land in your ground Crush Combo.

To do this, it is important that you read the reversal well in time and punish it! You will also come across opponents who will try to avoid the Sunset Wheel by jumping away.

In order to deal with these opponents, you need to rely on your standing LK which can be linked into combos and restrict their ability to leave the ground or you can punish them with your anti-air HP Bolt Charge.

How to Play against Laura

Although Laura does not have many hard-hitting combos as many of the other characters in the game, she is absolutely devastating at close-range. When going against her, you need to as much evasive as possible!

To achieve this, you need to rely on backdash and jumps and avoid her unblockable at all costs. However, when in range, she can punish you with standing HP cancelled into specials so avoid close-range as much as you can.

She will also use her LP Bolt Charge as an anti-air which is -2 on guard, but you should at least force her to block a normal. As for other versions of Bolt Charge, they are highly punishable.

Lastly, do note that only her Critical Art is invincible during wake-up which means that you can try and frame trap her as long as she does not have a full EX Gauge.


Combo #1
Cr. + MK, XX…


  • EX Bolt Charge and Any Variation
  • LP Bolt Charge

Combo #2
f + HP, f, Cr. + LP, XX, LK, XX…


  • LP Bolt Charge
  • EX Bolt Charge and Any Variation

Combo #3
f + HP, XX, HP, XX, HP + HK, Cr. + HP, XX…


  • LP Thunder Clap I
  • EX Thunder Clap
  • f + MK + MP
  • Combo #4
    HP, XX, HP + HK, XX…


  • HP, XX, HP Thunder Clap, Inazuma Spin Hold
  • HP, XX, MP Bolt Charge and Any Variation

Combo #5
HK, XX, HP + HK, XX…


  • Inazuma Spin Hold
  • HP, XX, MP Bolt Charge and Any Variation
  • Cr. + HK
  • Combo #6
    UF + HP, Cr. + HP, XX…


    • EX Thunder Clap, XX, Inazuma Spin Hold
    • HP + HK, f, HP, XX, EX Thunder Clap, HP Bolt Charge

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