Street Fighter 5 FM Farming Guide

In our Street Fighter 5 FM Farming Guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about unlocking all the DLC characters and stages without spending a second in Online Matches by farming the virtual currency.

We’ve detailed a small roadmap detailing all the things that you need to do in order to unlock all available DLC characters & stages in the game by farming Fight Money.

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Street Fighter 5 FM Farming

Characters can be unlocked in Street Fighter 5 by either purchasing them for real money or with the in-game currency you have earned. This currency, called Fight Money, is difficult to come by and mainly requires you to play online matches.

However, here we have some handy tricks to help you earn FM without playing online matches so you can unlock characters.

Level up the Characters
The more you use a specific character on your account, the more XP you earn and hence, there’s more chance of that character levelling up.

With each level upgrade of each character, you get 1000 Fight Money and since the base game has 40 characters, you can earn an ample amount of FM by keep acquiring more XP.

To earn this all-important XP, try out Character Trials or watch Character demonstrations available in the Trials section.

Or you can jump to the Character Stories and Survival Mode – the higher the level of difficulty in a character story or survival mode of a specific character, the greater experience you get through its completion.

Completing the Individual Stories and Survival Mode
In Street fighter 5: Champions Edition, completing an individual story or survival mode of a specific character can earn you the better part of 350,000 FM, depending on how much each character levels up.

Completing Missions
Found under the Challenge part of the main menu, these frequently changing missions can either be very simple or a bit crafty but they guarantee you one thing – a decent amount of FM upon their completion!

Completing Extra Battle Mode
The challenges in the mode do not change as often as the missions mentioned above and they are either single-part or multi-part.

You may hesitate before actually attempting these challenges because they require you to pay Fight Money for entry but trust me, the rewards will be worth all the FM you put in.

Repeating Everything!
Once you’re done with all the things mentioned above, you need to buy a couple of characters that you like & repeat everything mentioned above with your favorite characters i.e. Individual Stories, Survival Mode, Trials & Demonstrations.

With all the FM you’ve farmed, new characters and stages will just be a blinking distance from you.

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