Street Fighter 5 Beta being Stress Tested by Capcom

When an automatic update landed on the PlayStation 4 client of Street Fighter 5 beta claiming it was to improve the functionality, it was the first time we saw Capcom doing something ever since the Street Fighter 5 beta was postponed.

However, the news was quickly met with an official statement provided by the developers who seem to have learnt what they really need to do in order to make it work.

Apparently, they are stress testing the servers first and the Street Fighter 5 Beta will go live only after that.

While the complete message was broken down in three tweets thanks to Twitter’s 140 character limit, we have added them together to show you what Capcom is trying to say:

We are currently running an internal stress test on the SFV servers. This is to help us get the first official public beta program re-launched as quickly as possible. We appreciate your continued patience and we’ll share more information on the timing of the official beta tests soon.

So while you should not be too excited about the update your installation of the game received, it still is a sign that the developers are working (and thoroughly) so that you can get the Street Fighter 5 Beta back up as soon as possible.

The game is being developed for PlayStation 4 and PC for a March 2016 release.

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