Street Fighter V Arcade Edition Leaked by Online Shop

Street Fighter V may have been out for a long time but it sure isn’t forgotten. Baring the title of one of the best fighting games in the last years it’s still getting content to keep it fresh and competitive. While we are all waiting for Tokyo Game Show to show some new action added to the game, there was a leak of a new edition called Street Fighter V Arcade Edition from a UK online store.

The Street Fighter V Arcade Edition seems to be a Game of the Year edition of the main game featuring it’s DLC and character packs. What we dare to dream is that it could actually have an arcade mode included, something that fans have been longing for since its release. Its price, stated on the shop at £39.99 RRP, is a very reasonable one due to the fact that the game is neither a new one nor one that was heavily priced to begin with.

Street Fighter V Arcade Edition bares a January 16th 2018 release date so there is a lot of time for all of its announcements and teaser to take place until then. Capcom has not yet commented on the leak so there are not solid information about its release. Since then the page of Street Fighter V Arcade Edition has been taken down from ShopTo which is only the right thing to do.

This kind of edition has previously been done with Super Street Fighter IV back in 2011 where the Arcade Edition brought balance changes and some new character to finish the roster up.

There are rumors around in the Street Fighter V community that the game will receive a major update pack and is going to be announced during Tokyo Games Show. These updates have been named Super Street Fighter V and have been teased many times by Capcom but it still remains to be seen if that’s just a publicity stunt or a real major update to the game.

With Tokyo Games Show underway, we can only hope that Street Fighter V Arcade Edition will be one of the announced titles.

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