Stream PC Games To Xbox One Using Microsoft’s Wireless Display App

Microsoft has launched a new Wireless Display App that lets players stream PC games and videos to Xbox One.

Microsoft has been putting a lot of its efforts into developing a smooth integration between different gaming devices. Their vision is to turn this all into a reality using the Xbox Game Pass and Project xCloud streaming service which is currently in works and allows gamers to stream their favorite games on any supported device including maybe PS4.

Another big step forward for Microsoft is the new “Microsoft Wireless Display application”.

The technology is quite similar to Valve’s discontinued Steam Link, but without being restricted only to the Steam platform. The Wireless Display application can be used with Ubisoft’s Uplay, EA’s Origin, or with Microsoft’s own Windows 10 Store.

The Microsoft Wireless Display application is not only limited to gaming, but it also goes way beyond that. Users can also use the duplication to host presentations. This is great for schools and businesses. They can also stream videos but it doesn’t work with paid services such as Netflix.

The only drawback of the Wireless Display app right now is the absence of Keyboard and Mouse support. If you are streaming an Xbox game to PC, you won’t be able to use the PC’s keyboard and mouse to play the game. The Wireless Display app also doesn’t support keyboard and mouse on Xbox One.

If users want to navigate the duplicated display on the console, they will have to use the Xbox One controller. In short, for each device’s stream, you will have to use that device’s controls.

Microsoft recently created support for keyboard and mouse on the Xbox One so we might see some development in the future.

It’s likely we’ll see Microsoft push for PC gaming integration at E3 this year along with cross-play between PC and Xbox One. Stay tuned for more news regarding Microsoft and Xbox.