Stranger Things: The Game Gnomes Locations Guide

This Stranger Things: The Game Gnomes Locations Guide tells you the locations of the 12 Gnomes so you do not have to spend time searching every nook and cranny of the game’s world.

Not only is the game extremely fun to play for fans of the series, it has numerous collectibles which players can search for during their playthrough of the game.

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Stranger Things: The Game Gnomes Locations

Gnomes are hidden throughout the world in the game and are used to unlock the chests in Phil Larsen’s house.

You can open one chest for every 3 gnomes that you find and you are rewarded with upgrades and bonuses for your character such as cosmetic items and new abilities.

David: Gnome #1
This Gnome is found along the shoreline of the lake behind Hooper’s trailer which is northwest of the middle school. You can access this gnome after you have completed the first dungeon.

Bumble: Gnome #2
This gnome is located in the Forest Maze Dungeon. When you find will, return to the maze and go in a loop from northeast to southeast. The gnome is in a room with a pipe.

Grumble: Gnome #3
This is found in a path towards the east of Hawkins Lab. Find a long footpath before the quarry and continue south on it to find Grumble.

Tumble: Gnome #4
This is found in a forest south of the middle school. Enter the forest through the south and use Nancy’s bat to break the logs to enter it.

Sam: Gnome #5
Look for Sam in the dungeon inside the middle school. He is found in a room in the north part.

To enter the room, break the suitcase to discover the cracked wall which can be broken down with Nancy’s bat.

Pipsy: Gnome #6
Pipsy is found in the pumpkin patch towards the west of town.

You need to enter the pipe of Hooper’s place to locate will and then move to the corn maze in the west. Now use Nancy to break the log and find Pipsy in the center of the maze.

Tipsy: Gnome #7
This gnome is found towards the west woods of the sewer entrance. Look for it near the bear who is guarding a chest and then, break the log close to the bear to retrieve the gnome inside.

Robil: Gnome #8
Robil can be located inside Hawkins Lab. Get Will in your group, go up one room to the north and then enter the east room.

Now locate a pipe on the northeast corner of the room and crawl through it to find Robil.

Bobil: Gnome #9
Bobil is found in the sewer dungeons. Make sure Will is with you and then go to the first room in the sewers. Now enter the pipe on the northwest corner and the Gnome will be found on the other side of the pipe.

Wigglebum: Gnome #10
This Gnome is found in the Hawkins Public Library. Once you’ve entered the dungeon, head to the room in the northeast corner and then go to the room below it to find Wigglebum.

Lord Twinklenose: Gnome #11
Go towards the Hawkins High School and move on the street towards the west. Locate a house with a blue roof and white fence towards the end of the street.

The gnome is found inside the house towards the north wall.

Pop: Gnome #12
The last gnome can be found when Dustin enters your party. Move to Sattler Quarry and follow the path on the south.

The path will soon curve towards the east and enter a small cave where you’ll come across a bear.

You can use Dustin’s pudding to lure the bear away and then enter the cave to find the gnome at the end of it

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